I Am Currency- Whitney L. Grady

Whitney Grady takes the expression, “A penny for your thoughts” to a whole new level. Imagine living in a world where all books are controlled by the government and trading knowledge is the only form of currency. There 18458840is a slight catch, though. If you know too much, you are considered dangerous. Grady does an excellent job gearing this novel to her YA audience. The story takes place in Australia, but the dystopian world she created completely engulfs the reader. Nevel Walker is forced to flee his home with a girl from his class who may not be everything he thought she was. Both teens are running from their own secrets but have to learn to work together if they want to survive.

Nevel is a character everyone loves. He is an unlikely hero fighting an insurmountable battle with just his own desire for truth. I liked that he .has several small victories, but has just as many troubles along the way.

This is a perfect book to use in a classroom setting. Grady has created a curriculum guide to use in conjunction. There is also a AR (Accelerated Reader) test.

This is the first book in the trilogy. Book two, Pass the Crow came out last July and book three, Owners of the Sky, will be out this fall.

This book and the whole series is a must read.

On Monday I’ll share my interview with the author.


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