Dear Life & Fortune Smiles


20160612_162250I wouldn’t normally review two books at once, but I got to get both of these back to the library.

I am in love with short stories. A friend recommended Alice Munro and a librarian recommended Adam Johnson.

Alice Munro’s collection of short stories Dear Life was a great way for me to escape during a tough week. I found a little bit of myself in each of the fourteen stories. The stories shared a common thread of women facing the truth of who they were and who they wanted to be. The writer did a great job grabbing me and keeping me interested throughout each of the stories. Yet she created an ending opened for interpretation. My favorite story is actually the first one “To Reach Japan.”. When I read these stories back to back, they did seem to blend into one a little too much, but when I read one, walked away, and came back to read another one it was easier to see them as individual stories.

I really liked Fortune Smiles  by Adam Johnson. Each story is unique and really creative. I found myself trying to figure out how his mind put these ideas together. The first story, “Nirvana” was a story, unlike anything I have ever read. I’m glad I read them in order because it set the tone for the rest of the stories. There are only seven stories so for me it seemed like a quick read. He really has a talent for storytelling. It’s hard to decide if “Hurricanes Anonymous” or “George Orwell was a Friend of Mine”.


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