Lore Master (Warrior of the Way Book 2) Robbie Cox

31752403One of my favorite things to do as a book blogger is to find a new author. There are so many authors out there in this big ocean of books. When I find one I like, I want to share with everyone. Robbie Cox is one of those authors. I met him through a mutual friend. He writes books in several genres. That is one of the reasons his blog, The Mess That is Robbie Cox is pretty well named.

I read the first book in the Warrior Way  series, Reaping the Harvest and was hooked. I like flawed characters and find themselves in impossible situations with impossible obstacles. Of course, I want the hero to win, but I think it makes a better story if he gets tarnished along the way. Rhychard saved a life and his reward is anything but pleasant. He found himself in the middle of a war with a most unpleasant demon who desperately wanted to open a portal to let all his friends come over to this world and play. In book two, Lore Master, Rhychard struggles with a most unpleasant brother/ sister team.  He still struggles with his new role, but now he finds out he has more friends on his side who want to help him.

Cox creates a story that is  not the typical hero-quest-fight. He develops his characters and creates a believable world that makes his books fun to read. I highly recommend both books. I especially enjoyed the ending in book two.


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