Let’s Chat with Amy Saunders

  1. 41cbzufdysl-_ux250_What is your latest book about?

Marked is about a teen who’s learning to live with her emerging powers and some big revelations about her family that has permanently altered her life. On top of that, she’s dealing with some new threats that will play a role in the bigger story developing.

  1. Tell us a little about your two series; The Belinda & Bennet Mysteries and The Birthright Series

The Belinda & Bennett Mysteries is a lighthearted cozy mystery series revolving around the misadventures of amateur sleuth Belinda Kittridge and her boyfriend, Bennett Tate. The Birthright is a YA sci-fi series revolving around Rosamund Brandt and her developing powers and family’s secrets.

  1. Is it difficult to switch back and forth from writing cozy mysteries and the YA?

It can be challenging for a few reasons. But switching from an adult perspective to a teen perspective can be hard at times. Especially when it comes to independence. With Belinda, I can have her go and do whatever, whenever. With Rosamund, I have to get creative sometimes. I need her to take certain steps and do things on her own, but in real life, it probably wouldn’t happen that way. So I’ve learned to be inventive when adults get in the way of the story.

  1. What was the inspiration for The Birthright Series?

Initially, I had this family in mind and I knew they had some secret. I joked with my sister that they were aliens, but before I knew it I decided that they really were aliens. It intrigued me that there might be all these aliens living on earth, just blending in with humans. And I wondered what might happen to them. At the same time, I love the idea of legends and ancestry you can trace back thousands of years. Rosamund’s family presented an opportunity to explore that and I took it.

  1. Do you see a definite end to this series?

Yes. From the start, I knew I wanted it to have a definite end, and I liked the idea of doing five books.

  1. What are your writing strengths?

I’ve always felt I shine when it comes to character development. (Obviously, readers might disagree with me!) But that’s one of my favorite things about writing is working on the characters and their relationships with each other. And I love writing dialogue. But that really should be a strength considering how much I like to talk…

  1. What other ways do you showcase your creativity?

Graphic design is my other main creative outlet. It’s a nice break from all the writing (and reading) I do. And I love to bake and experiment with new recipes.

  1. When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

By my early teens. Before that, I was constantly writing something, but by the time the whole concept of work and deciding what to do when I got older came around, I knew it had to be writing. I started out wanting to be in magazine journalism, but then I ended up working as a freelance copywriter for a while. It took some time, but when I realized novel writing could be more than just a side thing, I went for it.

  1. Are you a pantser or a plotter?

At this stage, I’m a bit of both. Initially, I was a pantser all the way. As I’ve grown, I’ve developed my own way of blending the two methods that work with how I approach things but is frankly more effective than how I used to work.

  1. Where do you hope your writing career will take you?

Honestly, I’m kind of happy getting to do what I love to do, which I didn’t think would be practical when I was younger. But my heart was always with fiction writing and I’m delighted I get to pursue it as more than just a hobby!


You can find more info about Amy by checking her site, Amazon, and  Twitter.


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