Artifact Hunters by A.W. Exley


I found this series by accident on Audible. I started reading book two, Hatshepsut’s Collar before I found book one, Nefertiti’s Heart. The author did a great job of filling the reader in on details from book 1 without repeating the whole book. I loved the second book so much that I had to read book 1. I read the first four books in the series in a little over a week. They are that good!
It threw me off a little in the beginning because I have never read anything with a steampunk feel. I’m also not that familiar with Regency England. However, the author did a fantastic job of creating a world for these characters and my confusion was quickly overcome. The world building for this book, and ultimately the series, is awesome. The characters are deep and complex. I really like the main character, Cara. I liked that she wasn’t the typical damsel in distress. Yes, she does gain strength from her lover, but she is fully capable of standing on her own two feet.

I do not know how much liberty the author used with actual historical events. I don’t care. I read this for entertainment value and now a historical lesson.

I enjoyed it and would highly recommend this and the others in the series. The other two books, Nero’s Fiddle and Moseh’s Staff are just as good. I don’t think you have to read the series in order, but it would help.

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