The Egg & I by Betty MacDonald- narrated by Heather Henderson

the-egg-and-i-2400-bm-on-cover**I received a free audio copy of this book in exchange for an honest review, working in conjunction with  The Audiobookworm.**

This is the first audiobook review I agreed to review. Audiobooks are harder for me to complete as it is easier to block out distractions when I read. An audiobook has to be very good. This book did not disappoint. If it had been a print copy, I would have stayed up all night to finish it.

As I listened to this story, I felt like Betty and I were sitting at her kitchen table with her very clean floors and the aggressive stove hovering over in the corner. We shared a strong cup of coffee,  reminisced about our children, and her life on the farm raising chickens or whatever other livestock and/or plant managed to live and thrive on the farm with her. Her life made me laugh, sometimes so hard tears fell just as freely as if I grieved for the loss of a friend.

When Betty MacDonald married a marine and moved to a small chicken farm on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, she was largely unprepared for the rigors of life in the wild. With no running water, no electricity, a house in need of constant repair, and days that ran from four in the morning to nine at night, the MacDonalds had barely a moment to put their feet up and relax. And then came the children. Yet through every trial and pitfall – through chaos and catastrophe – this indomitable family somehow, mercifully, never lost its sense of humor.

A beloved literary treasure for more than half a century, Betty MacDonald’s The Egg and I is a heartwarming and uproarious account of adventure and survival on the American frontier.

Though her book, originally published in 1945 tells of a life without Facebook, big superstores, and even electricity I found her relatable as she learned to accept all that life handed her with determination and a fantastic sense of humor. I saw her as a person. This anniversary re-release edition provides a much-needed respite for me from the hustle and bustle of my life.

As the narrator, Heather Henderson does an incredible job bringing Betty to life. This was the first time I heard any her books. I look forward to hearing more from her. Her flawless execution created a rich and round character. There were no errors and the sound quality and well-produced audiobook only added to the experience. This is a must read, or rather a must listen, for anyone who loves to learn about ordinary people leading extraordinary lives.



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