Breaking the Glass Slipper by Sherry Rentschler

Before I tell you about this book, I need to let you know I was a beta reader. I have been a beta reader once before, but the  author was already finished. This time I worked with the author from the beginning. I even helped with the cover design.

The more I review books, the more I realize an author who is willing to open himself/herself is a genuine author who loves the writing craft. There is a story inside each of us, and memoir authors have the guts to tell it.

Sherry Rentschler shared a time period of her life where she searched for her Mr. Right. As a baby boomer, she grew up believing there was a perfect man, a perfect relationship, and a perfect life waiting for her. She began a series of relationships with sometimes hilarious and heartbreaking results. As I read her book, there were times when I wanted to scream at her for making the choices she did. Then there were times when I wanted to buy her a beer and sit with her while we laughed at the silly drunk girls at the pool table flirting with every guy in the bar. Then sometimes I wanted to grab her up in the biggest ever bear hug. That is what I liked the most about this book; she wrote it in a way that I felt like I was right there with her.

If I picked this book up in a bookstore, I would have read it with coffee and biscotti. Then I’d have washed it all down with a shot of tequila. It’s worth it.

Sex, love and happily ever after. This is one woman’s search for the fairy tale.
This is a true story.
I am a baby boomer raised to believe that love always won, sex and love were interchangeable, and sharing both lead to the much desired happily ever after. In my childhood, every prince claimed a princess, every femme fatale got her man, and every sexual encounter promised love.
I discovered how wrong I was before I left home and I went wild. Disillusioned, the next twenty-five years overflowed with misadventures, failed marriages, and sexual exploits. The lessons I learned were life altering, filled with disappointments, often with painfully funny results. I cut my life’s teeth on the shards of my shattered glass slipper dreams.
Until one day, my fairy godmother decided I’d suffered enough.
My life became an honest-to-goodness love story complete with a real glass slipper.
Happily ever after is possible. Take a lesson or two from me.

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