Paniha’s Taniwha by A.W. Exley


My plans for this holiday was to take some time off from blogging and just relax and catch up on my reading. Then, the author A.W. Exley contacted me and asked me to read an ARC for her latest book, Paniha Taniwha. Loki, Captain Lachlan Hawke, has been a minor, though an important character in her other books. He has been such a strong force he needed his own book.  I planned to share several fun memes and videos over the next few days, but having reviewed the other books in her Artifact Hunters series, I had to read this one.

This is the kind of book you will want to stay up late and finish or make your family live off of sandwiches and cereal until you finish it. I received and ARC, but I will be buying my own copy of this on payday.

Loki was sent to test the long range capability of a new style long-range airship and to open trade with the Maori. A die-hard playboy who is more open to all sorts of pleasures than settling down, he never counted on meeting a woman who made him feel things; want things. This trip challenged him more than any other.  One of my favorite parts of this story is the description of the setting. It is easy to visualize the story. I feel like I sat in an omnipotent chair and watched the whole story unfold. The characters are so well-rounded that they feel like real people. It is easy to get swept up and live Loki’s adventure right next to him.

The book came out this week and I think everyone should get a copy and end the year on a great note. I read it in two sittings because I had to finish it to see what would happen next and how it ended. It was one of those books that once I finished it I felt a slight pang because there was no more. So I was stuck, I wanted to read it fast, but in reading it fast it ended quicker. Now I sit and wait unpatiently for the next one to come out.



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