Quest for the Red Sapphire by Rival Gates

**I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for a review**

High fantasy is sometimes hard to read. Authors have to create a completely different world without making it so complex the reader has trouble with the plot. Because of this I am always a little hesitant to read high fantasy. I was hooked with this book within the first few pages. The plot drives the reader to keep reading in order to find out what happens next. The characters feel like real people even though they live in a fantasy world with very few concepts from the world we know. It is easy to get swept up in the journey as the author does a good job with creating graphic scenes that are easy to visualize. I look foward to adding the rest of this series in my TBR for 2017.

Linvin, a half-elf, returns after fighting in a war and quickly realizes the world he thought he left behind, is not what it seemed to be. He soon sets off with his uncle and two cousins to find the Red Sapphire. It is not a simple straightforward journey. He finds out he is now a wanted man and a lot of others know about it and want to cash-in. The world he thought he left is nothing like it was before. Most everyone in his family created a desception in order to prepare him for a destiny he wants nothing to do with.

General Linvin Grithinshield was used to enemies trying to kill him on the battlefields of the medieval world of Lavacia. Now he has the fear of being killed anytime, anywhere. He thinks he is summoned home from the goblin wars to oversee the family merchant empire after his father’s disappearance; and for a while he is right. Then his mother is assassinated and Linvin’s true purpose is revealed. He must seek out and find the all-powerful Red Sapphire and claim its might before the murders find it…or him. With new dangers around every turn in an ever-escalating spiral of violence, he must prove himself worthy of the gem and lead his party to success against insurmountable odds. To fail would mean death for far more than just him. The world, itself, could fall into permanent shadow and darkness.




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