Halfway Dead by Terry Maggert

**I received an audio copy of this book in exchange for a review. This post contains an affliate link**

Let me start off by saying I freakin’ love this series, Halfway Witchy. I started listening to this via Audible while I walked my dog. I used it as motivation, ya know I would only listen to it when I walked.  That didn’t last long because the narrator talked slower than I could read. That is not to say the narration is bad, I just couldn’t wait to get to the end and my dog and I could only walk so many miles a day! So I bought it on Kindle. This is one of those series that I want to be selfish and tell the author he can do nothing else except write more of these books.

Carlie is just the kind of character I like. I think if she were a real person, we’d hang out over a beer, or waffles 🙂 She and her grandmother are witches given the assumed duty of taking care of the people in Halfway, NY. With the support of her big cat, her familiar, and her grandmother, she takes care of the evil things that go bump in the night. A ghost from a long-dead family member calls to her for salvation. Along the way she recruits a local librarian (the former librarian in me loves this btw.) and falls in love with a half vampire.

I don’t know if the author or Audible selected the narrator, Erin Spencer, but she was perfect. I could totally see her as Carlie. The narration is clear and very easy to understand. The various voices are distinct and appropriate for the characters.

I found this book through my connection with Jess at Audiobookworm. She is a lot of fun to work with and is always looking for more people to help her with her tours.

The author, Terry Maggert, agreed to an interview:

  1. When you plan your stories, do you plan them with the series in mind or do you treat each one as a standalone? I don’t really plan stories,
    I meet characters. Then, after we get to know each other, I see how much gas is in their tank, so to speak. Some locations have a lot to do with how long a story can last– Halfway is crawling with magic and characters, so it makes sense for me to stay there and play for a while.
  2. You do a good job getting inside the mind of your female character. Do you feel it is easier for you because you can be an outside observer or do you sometimes have struggle with that? I hear from a LOT of readers who say that my female characters seem real. I don’t know what that says about me as a person, but I know that Carlie McEwan is built to be real. She has flaws and strengths, and she struggles with her morality. In that sense, yeah– I’m Carlie, or she is me, though I’m a foot taller and would look ridiculous in her dresses (although I, too, would love to feel pretty someday, but I’m more of a ball gown kinda guy. I’m classy.)
  3. What is your past experience with Adirondacks? Why did you choose that place? My family is from the Adirondacks, and I’ve been in and out of the mountains since I was twelve. They’re magical. Not kidding. The park is more than five million acres, and you can have lunch while watching a moose. That’s a rare and beautiful thing in this world, and it was easy to see a supernatural world blooming in the place my family called home.
  4. When you write your stories are a planner or a pantser? If you are a planner how much do you plan? Oooo. . . well. I usually have a vivid dream or a daydream ( what writers call *working*) in which I see the entire arc of the story. I fill it in as I go, with little tidbits, dialogue, or points of interest. It’s like picking a country to visit and then backpacking your way through it. You know where you’re headed, you just don’t know what you’ll see on the way.
  5. Since you have more than one series, do you focus on one at a time or do you go back and forth? I can flip back and forth, and frankly enjoy doing so. I’m writing four books right now, and it’s a lot like clearing your palate in between courses of a fancy meal. I really like visiting characters after a week or two and finding something new can happen because I’m happy to be back.
  6. Which of your character is your favorite? I have four (Carlie, Saavin, Delphine, and Livvy), they’re all female, and they all enjoy both eating and fighting. I think I may have a little problem.
  7. How would you describe your books? I like justice. I write Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Science Fiction and Horror, but in every book, the bad guys are *definitely* going to get it.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
  8. If you could meet any author or book character who would it be and why? Author? Anne McCaffrey. She had more influence on me than every other writer combined, save Hemingway

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