Clovers by Samira

**I received a copy of this book in exchange for a review**

This is not a book that can be consumed, it is a book that needs to be savored. It is not a quick read. There were several words I did not know and I could not figure out given the context. I didn’t mind because it was nice to read a challenging book and the book only took a little over an hour to read. It is important to read all three sections of the book in order to get the full impact of the story. The writing style adds an almost lyrical quality to the story the enhances the uniqueness of the pictures in the book. Given the differences of this book, it is not for everyone, but I would recommend it for someone who is looking for something different.

This is a story of Androxen, the sea, a nice bunch of aliens of the Andromeda galaxy, Samira, and some serious citizens of earth. It begins with Androxen of the seas, who can only breed males and so ever on the lookout for siren-mates in a waterful life together. But the old sage androx and the equally mature sea-salt androx are Androxen of another sort. Appalled by the state of seas and land around, they badger aliens for blueprints for an all right world. And as the old salt plots across galaxies with his infallible plotter, unbanded frequency waves tingle with vibes of alien tracks.The rest is history, or rather, geography, as

The rest is history, or rather, geography, as final outcome is an earth with extended platforms. In its past, this planet had been exploited, explored, and exalted in song, word, and deed, but now it could breathe again.

Spacelings, normally visualized vandalizing the environs, reverse roles here, getting humans out of the hole and giving the planet an earthly chance.

Good, clean humour. But underlying the light tone, there is an anxiety over the crisis confronting earthlings and an earnest hope that it ends in a happy beginning.



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