I Remember the Time… by Kim Hemphill

**I received this book in exchange for a review**

Reading memoirs are hard. Happily ever after is not always promised in real life. Reading about the hardships and trials that people go through affects me. When I read memoirs, I try to visualize the story as I do when I read fiction. This memoir was really hard to read because of the main character, Kim, went through so much. As I read his story, I found myself hoping his life would improve. I wanted to “save him”. (If you knew me, this would make perfect sense to you).

This memoir was very well written and it is obvious the author’s intent is to share his story so the readers will see it as a light in a sometimes dark life. I found myself very inspired and encouraged that the baggage of my own past doesn’t define what my final outcome will be.

I want to caution the reader about the child abuse mentioned in this book. It is not thrown in just for effect, but it is a little hard to read.

The train collided into the car on the side that three-year-old Kim was sitting. This split second changed this boy’s life forever. The gash across his face and head took 105 sutures to close. The battle with his demons just started.

Kim shares with you the challenges of severe child abuse, poverty, effects of little parental support, and a rebellious rage within himself. He bought himself his first toothbrush at 14 years old!

He describes the severe pain that he endured when he lost his best friend, mentor, and only brother in the Vietnam War after just 2 weeks of combat.

As a teenager, he was homeless and living in a tent. His living room and kitchen was a campfire and lawn chair. His grocery store was the forest surrounding him.

Despite all the turmoil he went through, Kim turned his life into a rewarding, successful one filled with everything he yearned for in his younger years.

Kim’s life has been filled with huge success, love and acceptance. Without any formal education, he flourished in the banking and real estate industry. Over the past 40 years he founded three companies, all of which are still operating today. He invented numerous products that are sold across the United States and Canada.



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