Occupied by Joss Sheldon

**I received an audio copy of this book in exchange for a review**

The central theme of this book is so representative of our world today. The author does a good job of showing the world of war and refugees through the struggles of his characters. As I  listened to this story, I felt the heartache the young characters faced when their world was completely turned upside down. It is always more interesting to look at life from someone else’s point of view. This book nails that. The narrator adds a believable component to the story. I think he does a great job bouncing around each of the characters and even makes the exposition interesting. My only issue with this book is the second half of the story seems a little flat compared to the first part. Had the quality of the story been consistent throughout, I would have enjoyed reading it more.

Step into a world which is both magically fictitious and shockingly real. Walk side-by-side with a refugee, native, occupier and economic migrant. And watch on as the world around you transforms from a halcyon past into a dystopian future.

Inspired by the occupations of Palestine, Kurdistan and Tibet, and by the corporate occupation of the west, ‘Occupied’ is a haunting glance into a society which is a little too familiar for comfort.



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