Enter the Witch by Robbie Cox

We were introduced to the Witches of Savannah in Cox’s book Come Halloween. They were side characters but even so, they were extremely interesting. I think it’s fun when the author creates an offshoot from a story. It helps to solidify the world the author develops. This story was fun to read and now I want to read the entire series RIGHT NOW. I don’t want to wait for the author. He needs to just get busy.

This is the second series from Robbie that I follow. It is just as good as Warrier of the Way Series series.  I get to meet Robbie in June at Space Coast Book Lovers Convention. Can’t wait!

She told Ericka not to touch the book! She warned her about dabbling with witchcraft. Magic was powerful. You never knew what you might unleash. Yet, Ericka didn’t listen and now she had brought the storm right to Jasmine’s door.
Enter the Witch sets the stage for The Witches of Savannah series while giving us the origins of one of the side characters in Come Halloween. We once again meet the owner of Faerie Dust, Amber Bastian, as she strives to help a younger Jasmine Burkehart rescue her friend from a spell gone awry. Cletus, a skittish ghost who seems somehow stuck to Jasmine, provides more than just comic relief in this short tale as he cautions Jasmine about the dangers of witchcraft.











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