Terri Tuesday- Book Haul

I have posted a lot of reviews. I love working with these authors. I am fortunate to have worked with some great authors. Helping them is fun. In the short future, I will be branching out to add to this blog. Future plans include a BookTube channel, face-to-face interviews, and more about my own writing.

I have a confession. In case you haven’t guessed, I am addicted to books. I have a Kindle, a smartphone, and a tablet. All three devices (the Kindle is a given) have the kindle app and I use all three devices to keep up with my reading. I also have a subscription to Audible and Scribd. That honestly isn’t enough access to books. I check out books from the library and often have several books camped out on my nightstand. Based on taking advantage of free e-books, e-book sales, and books I’ve agreed to read or listen to, I would not have to buy another book for two years. As I said, I have an addiction.

Two weeks ago, my husband returned from a business trip. Due to a major work project, my hubby is now traveling every other week and starting in May will be gone every week only coming home on the weekends. If you have read my bio, then you know I have two daughters. We homeschool. I am a Girl Scout leader. I tutor. I fancy myself a writer. I started working out again. Needless to say, I’m busy and when DH is not here it seems to double. Well, what does a bibliophile do to destress as soon as her backup gets back in town- go to the bookstore of course.

Here is my book haul:

I don’t know why I picked the book about Buffalo Bill Cody. I honestly had no interest in him before, but when I looked in the biography section, this book spoke to me and I took it just to see. Think of it as a challenge book. I figure as a writer, I never know when I could use some information about this unique figure from history. Angela’s Ashes is a book I had before I had children. I like this book much better than ‘Tis. 

Who knows when I will get time to read all these but they make me happy. “Rehoming” books is good for the environment and good for my soul. So I guess a book addiction really isn’t that bad after all.


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