Descent Birthright Book 3

I love reading series. I hate reading series. I love reading series. No, I actually hate reading series. Ya know why? Because they are more addicting that reading a stand alone. I came across The Birthright series through a book review request website. I was HOOKED. Amy Saunders does an awesome job creating an original story that keeps me on the edge of my seat and honestly, I have yet to figure out how it is all going to end.

In this third installment, Roz has come way more into her powers and is beginning to accept who she is and use what she is to help those around her. There was one detail, that I won’t spoil for you, that I did not see coming, but I loved it. I had hoped this installment would not leave any questions. But it only left more. I have already contacted the author and told her I NEED TO READ THE NEXT BOOK.


Rosamund knows that she’s an heir to an ancient throne. But accepting it is another matter.

As she and her family and friends try to peel back the layers of the “bad seed” mystery, it’s clear that she can’t ignore her mark or the responsibilities it comes with. Or the fact that someone is searching for the heir–for her. And she doubts he or she has good motives.

With her father shedding his façade and a bigger threat making its presence known, Rosamund may need to embrace her destiny sooner than she expected.

Other Books in the Series:
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