Talk About It Tuesday- Sherry Rentschler

This is an unedited snippet from Sherry Rentschler ‘s upcoming vampire book; title to be determined.

One such man waited in an alley bar, a place long forgotten since the uprising. The stink of urine and used lives fell away once inside where desperation surrendered to resignation.

“Can you get me what I require or not?” Her impatience shown in the color of her eyes, turning them from dark green to a pale, luminous emerald.

“I will. I mean I can. But there is a price. Well, not exactly a price, but something I need. More of a favor really…” he mumbled then swallowed. Hard.

“What is it you want? More money?” She leaned in, laying a pale hand over his across the table and then tapped his fingers with a long pale index finger. “You know, asking a killer for anything other than a swift death is dangerous.” Dra taunted.

The man twitched and yanked his hand away as if burned. His gaze faltered and he wondered if she ever blinked. Then he offered his most disarming smile and cleared his throat, finding new depths of bravado.

“I know. It’s what I want. What I require.”

“To die? Well, honey, that was easy. Agreed!” She offered a ready glint of fangs along with her hand to seal the deal. Honor among thieves and all that.

But he wasn’t done. That wasn’t the complete deal. Death was just a tool.

“No, no not just to die. I want to be a vampire. That’s the deal.”

This book shows the reader more about Dra, the vampire seductress we met in Rentschler’s book, Midnight Assassin- A Tale of Lust and Revenge. Just look at this teaser and you will know that she is not a vamp you’d want to meet in an alley.

Recently, she let readers in on even more of a sneak peak when she create a contest to name the bar in her book.

Now I will admit, I’m a little biased. I’ve been helping (I mean bugging) Sherry to get this book finished. I mean come on, this is one bad ass hottie who knows how to get her way. In fact it’s not a matter of getting her way. Her way is the ONLY way.



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