Grimm Remains by Eli Celata

Reading the “next” book in any series is always a mixed bag. Will it be as good as the one before? Will it answer any questions? What if I don’t remember all the details, will I be able to figure it out? I can honestly say that yes, this next book is just as good as the first one. Yes, it did answer some questions, of course, it raised even more (dang these authors that make us wait for all the answers!) Yes, if you haven’t read the first one, High Summons you will still understand what is going on, but I have to say you should read the first one.

Jon continues to learn balance as he struggles to help those in need and study for his college classes. His magician skills are increasing and he is learning how to control them. He works with his mentor to save a group of orphans. I liked seeing his interactions with other young people who are just like him. I think the author did a good job of continuing this story and developing the characters. I liked learning more about Jon and Jordan. I am wicked curious about Jon’s father, and I have a guess, but I suppose I will have to wait until the future. (insert me with my arms crossed stamping my foot in a toddler- like tantrum)


Mammon’s summoning turned Rochester into a beacon for the denizens of Hell. As demon activity increases, Jon settles in for a new academic year, and Jordan moves in as the city’s protector. Unfortunately, the young warlock of Rochester might not be around long if the Devil’s ma-rine legion has a say. Havfine, demonic mermaids, don’t often leave deep lakes and ocean waters. They’re better known for drowning mortal sailors than hunting magic users, but something has sent them upstream from Lake Ontario. When three orphans vanish from a magical sanctuary in Toronto, their caretaker – the Wizard Monday – dredges up a part of Jordan’s and Jon’s father’s history that Jordan would have rather forgotten. In this race against the Bane of Hamelin, more than three souls may be on the line.

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Eli Celata is a PhD student at Binghamton University. An avid reader and writer of science fiction and fantasy, Eli also blogs tracking the publishing process and marketing trends / methods for new authors following the debut of High Summons – a YA urban fantasy set in Rochester, NY.

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