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I’ve been blogging about books since last summer. I had another blog before that but I was not very good about keeping up with it. Working on this has taught me a lot about the book industry and I’ve  learned a lot about myself and my in-real-life life. Each week I want to share something that helps me get done all that I want to get done. I want to take some time to start talking about my own writing. It is my hope that by this time next year I will have my own book to share with you and will be looking for people to review what I’ve written.

I don’t do mornings!

If you’ve looked at my bio page, you know I have two kids, a dog, and a husband. What you may not know is that I homeschool my two girls. They are currently in fifth and second grade. Homeschooling has been an even bigger adventure than blogging. I taught high school, middle school, and college for twelve years. I have two Master’s Degrees and I started working on my Doctorate. I have been in the classroom, the library, and the administration office. During my tenure, I saw just about every side of education and I saw how it was changing. The system itself is set up to encourage those who would succeed in any arena. But not everyone achieves her full potential in a public school system. I saw too many students, especially girls get lost.

My husband and I were married for twelve years before we decided to have children. When we made that leap, it was important to us that one of us stayed home. I don’t really remember how it came about that I was the one who did it. I guess, I just wanted it.

My girls are crazy.

Being a mother and especially a stay at home mother changed me more than I could have ever expected. Looking back, I don’t know that I would have made some of the same decisions. I can honestly say, though, that I am happy with how everything has worked out.

Most days are totally crazy. I often feel like I am being pulled behind a runaway horse.  Organization has been key to getting anything done. I’m still working on that area in my life. I go back and forth between keeping a paper journal/organizer and using an electronic one. Right now I am focusing on an electronic one because I’m trying to carry as small of a purse as possible. I use Google calendar. Each area of my life has a different “calendar” so it will show up in different colors allowing me to keep things separate. Here’s a look at my calendar:
















  • Pink is for personal stuff
  • Purple is for things dealing with the AM Girls (August and Miranda, my daughters)
  • Green is for blogging and food planning.
  • Orange is for work/ writing.
  • Blue is for my husband (we share a portion of our calendars with each other for planning purposes).
  • Gray is for Nano stuff (when I participate).
  • Red is for gratitude. I started this in February and it works out very well. Each night I get a notification on my phone and I write something I’m grateful for each day in the notes section of this event.

I used a bullet journal last year and I liked it a lot, but I like colors and it took too long to get the right color marker out to use. I recommend a Bullet Journal if you are someone who likes to write things down.

What you can’t see in these pictures is the notes section for appointments. This is where I really organize my thoughts. For example, I work with Sherry Rentschler. I get a lot of emails from her and we talk about many different ideas. I have started keeping track of our conversations in my calendar. It has become a simplistic CRM program.

As my writing and business expand, this system may morph into something else. I’m working on a way to develop a tighter system for my writing so I give myself stricter deadlines and my work flows better. I will be adding those into my calendar.

Now here is the one thing you need to know. Does this always work? Am I always this organized? HECK NO! There are more days when this whole thing falls apart. However, this gives me something to strive towards. It is a goal. Each week gets better and better.



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  1. I love reading this. I think you’ll help yourself by writing about your life and you’ll see where the holes develop. Also, I think you’ll help others who are looking to live and write and be self employed, or enjoy a hobby, etc.

    You are keeping lots of different blog components, plus reading, plus writing, plus working with me and teaching your girls, and working their extracurricular activities, plus hubby plus time for you. You might want to be careful that you don’t overload the front end of your calendar.

    Good job and stay fierce, my friend.

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