Fangirls Box Set by Robbie Cox

Maybe because I dream of having fans one day or maybe because I am such a gooey fangirls sometimes, this was a fun collection of books to read. I think Robbie’s knack for storytelling is getting better with every book he writes. He has a unique skill that allows him to write in multiple genres. That’s just plain cool in my opinion.

These stories follow the lives five fangirls as they mingle with their favorite authors at a weekend conference. I liked how each story connected somehow because the characters overlap into each other’s story.


Romance is more than just stories between the covers of a book, and many hope the tales spring from the pages and into their lives. For the readers gathered together in historic St. Augustine for the St. Augustine Authors Event their fantasies are about to come true. Some have visions of doing more than just getting a signature from their favorite author or cover model, while even authors arrive hoping for a little spontaneous adventure. Lives change during this weekend event as people take the fantasies, which have kept them warm at night, from the pages of their novels to bring the heat into their lives as well as their sheets.

Fangirls: The Collection brings together five stories from five different ladies and shares the relationships they are hoping turn out to be more than just fantasies.



Robbie will attend Space Coast Book Lovers Convention June 1-4


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Robbie started writing as a way to escape – escape his teachers, escape his fears, even to escape his insecurities and doubts. However, his stories of seduction and adventure, not only allowed him to hide in the lives of his characters, but also captivated those who wanted to escape with him. Now, he enjoys a full-time career as a storyteller and novelist, and invites readers to runaway with him- to escape, getting lost in the seduction of adventure.

When he is not writing, Robbie can be found on his back porch enjoying a cigar, a scotch, and a good story. He derives pleasure from his large family and his crazy group of friends who provide the inspiration for his blog The Mess that Is Me.

He is the author of the Urban Fantasy series, The Warrior of the Way, along with the paranormal series, The Witches of Savannah. His Contemporary Romance series includes The Rutherford Series, The Harper Twins, and the Fangirls series.

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The Warrior of the Way Series includes:

Reaping the Harvest (Book 1)
Lore Master (Book 2)
The Warrior’s Blade (Coming 2017)

The Rutherford Series includes:

Losing Faith (Book 1)
Roll the Dice (Book 2)
To Be Cherished (Coming 2017)
His To Command (Coming 2018)
Sharing Hearts (Coming 2018)

The Harper Twins Series includes:

Sibling Rivalry (Book 1)
Taming Karla (Coming in 2017)

The Fangirls Series includes:

Nikki (Book 1)
Lily (Book 2)
Cassie (Book 3)
Olivia (Book 4)
Willow (Book 5)
Fangirls: The Collection (Box Set)

The Witches of Savannah Series includes:

Come Halloween (A Stand Alone)
Enter the Witch (Prequel)

The Best of Both Worlds includes:

Ribbons & Bows (Book 1)
Under the Wrapping (Coming in 2017)

Robbie’s Other Books includes:

Behind the Mask (Coming Oct. 2017)


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