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I’m turning the tables on myself. Here is my #carolinareads interview.

What’s the first book you remember reading?
Tales of the Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume. I also read the John Jakes North and South series at a young age too.

What’s the most recent book you have read or what are you reading right now?
I tend to have a few books going at one time. I’m listening to The Glitch by Ramona Finn Story Fix Transform Your Novel From Broken To Brilliant by Larry Brooks, The Anatomy of Story by John Truby and I’m reading Dragon Slayer’s Academy The New Kid at School by Kate McMullan with my youngest daughter.

Why did you choose that book?
The Glitch I agreed to read for a book tour, the two writing books I’m reading because they were recommended as good books on writing, and The Dragonslayer’s Academy because my daughter chose it for her free reading time.

If you could meet one book character or one author, who would you like it to be and why?
There are so many authors I would like to meet and my list of characters is huge. I get to meet a lot of great authors at the Space Coast Book Lovers Convention. I would like to meet Jim Butcher, Kim Harrison, James Scott Bell, Darynda Jones, and Sue Grafton.

You can only choose five books for your bookshelf. What are they?
Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan, The Complete Works of Shakespeare, Outlining Your Novel by K.M. Weiland, The Harry Potter series, Bless Me Ultima Rudolfo Anaya


Terri is a blogger, (duh! This is my blog), writer, mother, wife, and crazy recycled hippie. I spend most of my time reading and trying to write my own book. It is my hope to get something out there before the end of 2017. I’m currently working on two ideas, one a 1920 deco-punk novel where vampires control the flow of bootleg alcohol and an urban fantasy about a valkyrie taxi driver.


Join the movement!
I want to promote reading. I know there are so many out there who have read a book and thought, this is something others need to know about. Reading encourages a lifelong passion for learning. #carolinareads is a movement that will give readers a chance to share what they are reading. There is a five question interview. I will share it on my website and give you a chance to not only promote your love of reading but also to promote yourself as you can include a website in your two sentence biography. Don’t live in the Carolinas? Well, do you know someone who does (hint: the person who created this form) you can still participate. Submit the form and I’ll let you know the date of your spotlight. Spread the word! Join the movement. Please email a picture if you would like it to be included.


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