Poetry Contest Results

Last month author Sherry Rentschler, sponsored a poetry contest. The theme was “What Inspires You”. Special thanks to Regina Puckett, Jackson Dean Chase, Linda Vigen Phillips, and Ron Shaw.



Inspired Insanity by C. Rowe 

Inspiration does come
And it also does go
What inspires me to write
I really don’t know


Sometimes it is
The whisper of a word
Other times it is a thought
That’s really quite absurd


I dream of oceans
Being kissed by the moon
I envision creepy spectres
That would make you swoon


I paint visions in my mind
Using words as my art
Some are dark and spooky
While others are from my heart


Just little random words
I write as they come to me
A joyous culmination

Of inspiration and insanity


Words Expressed by David Jacks 

I don’t always find my words
too easily expressed.
So if I were to speak them,
sometimes they are suppressed.

But if pen touches paper,                                                                                                                                                                 such worlds I can create.                                                                                                                                                                       It then frees me from my own,                                                                                                                                                          as if lifting a weight.


Cut the strings that hold me down.
Please tie me up no more.
Let loose feelings once secret
and open wide the door.

I can’t do this on my own.

Writing helps me to find,

all the things that were once sealed
somewhere deep in my mind.


For all the thoughts left behind,
I must pour out my soul.
Forever searching for them,
just to make myself whole.


A Few of My Favorite Things by James Mathews Byers 

The subtle sound of soothing calm-
A bumblebee in flight;
Anointed treasure in my palm-
Considerate delight;
Amazement on a newborn’s face-
Transitions, foot to mouth;
Impressions of a living space-
The springtime in the South;
Combustion of a beating heart-
Removed from single life;
Conditioning a humble start-
A husband and a wife;
Perplexing rhythm of a song-
Commanding vocal cord;
The distance, short or ever long-
The pen, a mighty sword;
Forever in a lover’s eyes-
The sigh of falling fast;
Chameleons in their disguise-
The colors floating past;
Commencement of a wild parade-
An alter full of hope;
The jester and his vast charade-
The hangman and his rope;
Surrender to the burning fire-
Intrinsic is the fuse;
And so these many things inspire-
Combined, they are my Muse …

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