Cain, The Immortal: The Immortal Darkness by Bree Pierce


** I received a copy of this book in exchange for a review**

This is a good case to create half star ratings because I think this is a good three and a half stars. The characters are strong and the plotline kept me turning pages to find out what happened. My only issue is there seem to be three major events in this story and none of the are developed to their full potential. Without giving any spoilers, each of these would make a great novella and/or book. It would give the writer a chance to develop all the details. This is my first book from this author, but I want to read more because I like her train of thought.



(May be read as a stand alone.)
In the last installment of the Cain, The Immortal Series, Kaine (the immortal Cain) and Christine are in a battle against time as a new threat arises: one that could put those they love six feet under. A surprise ally shows up from Christine’s buried past. And the plague washing through the country has brought more danger with it than just death to humans. The two of them pack up and are now on the run with their human friends, Brad and David, as they search for some semblance of normalcy. All the while, Christine fights who she is, causing tension between her and Kaine.

***This is the last book in the Cain, The Immortal Series. Recommended for ages 17+ due to minor sexual content and language.***

Book 1- Cain, The Immortal: The Beginning
Book 2- Cain, The Immortal: Immortal Souls


Hi I write under the pen name Bree Pierce! I have loved to write since I was a small child and always wanted to become an author. In January, 2015 that dream finally came true for me! I live in the deep south in Arkansas with my husband, 3 kids, and dog. I have a few books out and am always thinking of more ideas!! Reading is also a huge past time of mine!

Bree was one of the first people I interviewed for #carolinareads. You can read her interview here.


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