Books Can Save the World ~Guest Post by Jane Bolto

5 Unforgettable Books You Should Read to your Children

Reading to your children reaps lots of benefits. Academic performance, communication skills,

concentration, vocabulary and emotional understanding can all be improved by regularly reading to

your child. And the benefits start young; some research even advocates reading to your baby whilst

they’re still in the womb!

As well as benefits to their education, reading opens up whole new worlds for your children to

explore. Their imagination can run riot with different characters, destinations, and situations each time you open a book together.

When you’re choosing what to read with your children, you’re likely faced with a never-ending list of

children’s literature. There are so many books around that deciding between them can prove tricky.

Whatever you choose to read with your little ones, here are a few unforgettable and timeless books

that should feature on every parent-child reading list:

Matilda by Roald Dahl

Roald Dahl wrote many a children’s classic but Matilda is perhaps the best of an excellent bunch. It

tells the story of a little girl called Matilda who is plagued by terrible parents and the strictest, most

horrible head teacher in history. But, one day, Matilda discovers she has special powers and soon

works out how to use them to get her revenge. Matilda is an inspiring heroine who, in her quest to

overcome adversity, all children will come to love.

Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak

This beautiful picture book was first published back in the 1960s but has certainly stood the test of

time. Maurice Sendak’s stunning words and illustrations tell the story of Max who, after shouting at

his mother, is sent to bed without any supper. From here, he sets off on a magical journey to

discover “where the wild things are”. This is a book about the power of imagination, the intensity of

childhood emotion and the constant love of parents.

The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss

One rainy day, Sally and her brother are left home alone. They are expecting to be bored but then

the Cat in the Hat appears and mayhem ensues. Rhyming text and bold, colourful illustrations make

The Cat in the Hat a great book for all ages. Younger children will enjoy the pictures and rhythmic

cadence of the story whilst older children will relish the cheeky antics of the Cat.

Charlotte’s Web by E. B. White

Charlotte’s Web is a modern classic and one of the best-selling children’s books of all time. It follows

the story of a little girl called Fern who, along with a spider called Charlotte, tries to save her pig

Wilbur from his fate on the farm. Charlotte’s Web is a tale of friendship, love, and loyalty and offers

children a first poignant understanding of mortality.

The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe by C S Lewis

Mr. Tumnus the Faun, a wicked White Witch and a talking lion called Aslan; when siblings Peter,

Susan, Edmund and Lucy step through a magic wardrobe into Narnia they encounter more than they

could have ever imagined. When Edmund, lured by the promise of Turkish delight, becomes the

White Witch’s servant, his brother, and sisters go on an adventure to save him and the frozen land of

Narnia from her clutches.


Reading to your children can be an unforgettable experience for both you and your little ones. It’s a

chance to spend time together without the modern trappings of smartphones, TVs and tablets

getting in the way. It’s also a chance to discover characters and stories that will stay with both of you

forever. So head to the library or your local bookstore to stock up on some wonderful children’s

literature to enjoy together.


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