Aconite (The Elektita Series) by Christine Alvarez


I am constantly coming across new authors and their series. I hate to start a series in the middle, so that means I need to go back a few years and catch up with all the previous books. The story is an interesting twist combining several paranormal tropes into one fast moving plot that pushes the reader to keep reading until the end. This is a series I would like to binge read all in a weekend.  I believe the author will continue to develop the storyline and the characters.




Who knew a truck stop post card would send Alexis Davis’ life spiraling out of control only to discover a supernatural destiny that she never knew existed.
Not wanting to follow in her mother’s footsteps, she embarks on a new adventure. Armed with a fresh tattoo and desire for freedom, she winds up in the quaint fishing town of Reedsport, Oregon.
Alex meets two men that awaken something frightening that was buried deep inside her very soul. Soon the lines between her past, present, and future become blurred.
Now Alexis must decide who she can trust. A dark and mysterious coven that believes she is the only one who can restore their power that was lost long ago….or the two men who have hated each other for centuries because of her.



I am Christine Alvarez, a mother of four spectacular hoodlums and married to my other half. Writing has been a passion my entire life and until now becoming an Author was only a dream. I am a stay at home mother which never leaves a dull moment. I am not a sports enthusiast and quite frankly I’m probably allergic to exercise.
My guilty pleasures are Dr. Pepper and chocolate. They have both been at my side many of nights as I write. I write anything from paranormal romance to dark erotica. You will probably find as I release more books that my work may cover anything from the happily ever after endings to the dark and broken ending and pretty much all the areas in between.


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