Moonborn by Terry Maggert

The more I review books and get to know authors, the more I see how fun it is to read multiple series by the same author. This is the second series from Maggert that I’ve read. The first series I discovered, Halfway Witchy was fantastical fun filled with witches, shifters, a vampire, and waffles. (Some of my favorite things) I heard the first book in this series, Heartborn, on audio. You can read my review here.

As soon as I finished this book, I began counting down the days until the next book. It was THAT good. When I had a chance to read it early, I jumped on it and then ordered my own copy. I did the happy dance when I saw it today in my Kindle queue. Very few books move me to actually cry when I’m finished. This book is incredible.

So, what makes it so good? The world building. I can’t even imagine the copious notes needed to develop this world. Each character read like a real person. The world, Sliver, became a real world in my head. The action in this story was so detailed, I SAW the battles and movements. I felt the emotions these characters felt. I cannot recommend this book any higher. To learn more about the author read this interview.

Livvy Foster has a new heart, home, and a place in the powerful halls of House Windhook. The fall of Sliver was only the beginning of a civil war, as angels from across the sky challenge each other to lead a world where the past– and future– are connected by a storm made of time, ambition, and power.

When House Selinus attempts to bend the light of days in order to become the supreme power in an apocalyptic future, they confront a goddess who is older than time itself– and she’ll stop at nothing to get the one soul who escaped her deadly grasp: Livvy.

With deceit, war and love swirling in the clouds above a shattered world that was once Livvy’s home, she’ll be asked to do something a girl with a broken heart never thought possible.
Fight for Windhook. Fight for her world.
Take wing with Livvy, one heartbeat at a time.



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