Books Can Save the World- Guest Post by Tess Pajaron

7 books that will inspire you to start a writing career

If you are lacking in inspiration, sometimes reading the work of others can help you to get there. These
seven books will give you the boost you need to get a writing career underway, and will inspire you even
if you have never considered it before.

1. Ann Lamott – Bird By Bird

This book is great for those who want to start writing, but are too scared to consider it yet. It tells you
about how it’s fine to write a first draft which isn’t very good. You don’t have to worry about what other
people think when it’s just for your own starting point. It has lots of tips on getting started and being
inspired. You’ll learn that the first draft can be whatever it likes, and the final draft could still be

2. Austin Kleon – Steal Like An Artist

This is more of a workbook than a book to read, but it’s full of poetic moments and will help you to
think. It asks you to find inspiration in all kinds of places with exercises that will get your mind working.
When you’ve finished, you may feel like there is a writer in you who is ready to come out.

3. The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

If you have a lot of interests, or would be interested in writing non-fiction, this is a great source of
inspiration for you. It shows how Franklin would work on a wide variety of projects with out-of- the-box
methods, but would have the same systematic approach and thinking process behind everything. It’s the
kind of method which can make anyone into a writer.

4. Jack Canfield – The Success Principles

This book teaches you how to become a success in whatever you want to do. If you’re too afraid to
write, or don’t feel like you have the talent yet, the positive affirmations taught in this book will help to
get you there. It will inspire you to put in the work needed to make a change in your life and become a

5. Steven Pressfield – The War of Art

If you are looking to move into any kind of artistic career, this will help, but it’s particularly good for
writers. It teaches that you can’t wait around for the muse to come to you. You have to sit down and
work hard and then the muse will come. That’s a big step which many writers have to learn if they want
to become successful even at writing their first piece.

6. Renni Browne & Dave King – Self-Editing For Writers

If you want to be a world-class writer but don’t know how to get there, this book will give you the
confidence to do it. It’s a great guide to editing your own work, and when you can master that, you can
put your work onto a bestseller’s list in no time. Not only does it teach the principles, but it also has
exercises so that you can put the ideas into action and get your own manuscripts into good shape.

7. Ray Bradbury – Zen in the Art of Writing

This book by acclaimed author Bradbury contains a selection of essays about writing and creativity. It
tells all about how he wrote his own popular works, and why. It gives advice on how to get inspired, how
and what to write, and how to get better at being a writer – all great for those who aspire to pick up the

With these books on your shelf, you won’t be able to resist the urge. You’ll be a career writer before you
can so much as blink!


With a background in business administration and management, Tess Pajaron currently works at Open
Colleges, Australia’s leading online educator. She likes to cover stories in careers and marketing.



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