Topaz and Lace by Amber Laura

When I was a lot younger I used to spend time with my grandmother who loved to read Harlequin Romance books. I thought I was such a rebel when I would sneak one out of the house and read it. I loved them. Looking back now I see one of the best parts of these books was the simple plain plot with only one desired outcome- to tell a good love story. I thought about this while reading this book because it is just a simple good love story. That does not mean it’s a simple story. The plot is great and kept me turning the page because I just HAD to know what happened next.

I liked Cassie, the main character. I know I’ve walked in her shoes because Laura created her as a fully rounded character. In fact, she did an awesome job with all her characters. It was so easy to see them as real people. I often found myself sitting as a fly on the wall watching this story unfold. This is an HEA book, and I know some people get tired of those, but I love them. I want a nice escape when I read and this book certainly did that for me.


A temporary condition, she’d intended to be there only long enough to leave again. But then she met him.
Pursuing her dream of becoming a veterinarian, when Cassie Hastings took an externship in the tiny town of Pantula, Texas, she never planned on staying. For a girl staunchly opposed to change, moving some odd thousand miles away from home to a population boasting more heads of cattle than people and an apartment housed on top of an animal clinic, it promised to be a steep learning curve.
She would have handled it all better, (she would have!) if it hadn’t been for Brannt McDowell, one of the town’s most prosperous cattle ranchers—and her most stubborn client. He was moody, arrogant, infuriatingly witty…and altogether devastating. Pitted against the knowledge that her rotation lasted only eight, short weeks, and an ever-increasing attraction to one another, tempers soon flared and sparks ignited between the sparring partners.
Cassie had gone to Pantula to learn about large animal medicine; she’d gone there to glean independence in the wide open air; she’d gone there on a dare. Falling in love hadn’t been part of the plan. She did it anyway.
Now she’d have to choose between the place she’d always thought she’d be headed, and the home she suddenly didn’t want to leave.



7 Fun Facts about Amber Laura:

1. If there’s creamer, I’m drinking coffee. And when I edit, there’s always creamer.
2. I do my best daydreaming on long car rides.
3. Some of my favorite stories came as follow up answers to the question: “What if…”
4. I’m the mother of a darling (if slightly overweight), 15-year-old cat. She’s kind of my mascot.
5. One of my favorite parts of writing is inventing new places—or traveling to spaces where I’ve not actually been. It’s magical and never disappointing.
6. Writing may be a solitary process, but then the characters always keep me company.
7. I’ve never quite figured out if I like to write by plot or the seat of my pants.
8. (Because I write, I don’t math.) When a scene isn’t coming together on a piece of writing, or a string of dialogue is falling flat, I like to close my eyes and picture the whole thing as though it were being acted out on a movie screen—and forty minutes later, I usually wake up!


**I received a copy of this book in exchange for a review, but then I bought the book**



  1. Great review. I pretty much expect an HEA from romance novels myself, which is why romance is where I go when I’m craving a guaranteed HEA. And one that reminds me of “old school” Harlequin novels would definitely be a bonus. Adding this one to my wish list.

  2. In Jr. and Sr. high school in the 70s – I had a friend who read Harlequin Romance books constantly, even as she walked to school. She let me read them when she finished. I wanted to be an au pair like many of the heroines 😉

  3. I used to hide in my bedroom closet to read Harlequin romances! Then in 7th grade, my Literature teacher gave me these two huge trash bags of Romance Novels, I was so excited! I agree that the plots were very simple though the story was often times not. I relished those days. I may pick this book up actually.

  4. I used to sneak my grandmothers harlequins too! Too funny. As it turned out I wasn’t as sneaky as I thought LOL I’ll have to check this book out:)

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