10 Step Self-Publishing Boot Camp: The Survival Guide for Launching Your First Novel by S.K. Quinn


I read this book based on a recommendation from one of the Facebook groups I belong to, and before you ask- no I don’t remember which one. I’ve read a few other how-to books, but this one has been one of the best so far. Her casual style made me comfortable and I felt like we were talking over drinks. She was never condescending and I did not feel like she was bragging. I like that she talked about her personal stories, but she also included success stories from other people. I learned a ton in the couple of hours it took me to read this.




Launch Your Author Career!
Do you want to make a living with your books?
Do you see self-published authors succeeding and want to join them but are unsure how?
This 10 Step Boot Camp gives you everything you need to conquer your fears, target the market, and launch your first novel… and your career.
Veteran indie author Susan Kaye Quinn walks you step-by-step through the process, start to finish.
In BOOT CAMP, you will find:
• How to decide when to make the leap into self-publishing
• How to make a gorgeous cover, write a killer blurb, and select the right categories for your book… all the things you need to publish a book that will sell
• How to launch your novel, plus examples of successful book launches
• How to build your fanbase and market in a way that will get your book in front of the people who want to buy it
BOOT CAMP will start you on the career you really want. The one where your words will surprise and delight readers around the world.
BOOT CAMP will give you the insider tips and marketing tools that really work.
BOOT CAMP is the essential guide you need to start your author career.
Get started on your journey today!



S.K. Quinn is a veteran indie author who’s published over 30 novels under Susan Kaye Quinn and another penname. She has been making a living with her fiction since 2011, and she wants you to live out your dreams as well. She’s a rocket scientist turned speculative fiction author who now uses her PhD to invent cool stuff in books. Her bestselling novels and short stories have been optioned for Virtual Reality, translated into German and French, and featured in several anthologies.

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  1. I don’t have the fortitude to write a book, much less self-publish and market – I don’t know how they do it all!

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