Terri’s Own Fantasy World~ #1

I spend a lot of time reading fantasy worlds from other people. Sometimes it’s fun to create my own. I recently stumbled upon Arhaus and I wanted to share my dream dressing room. I’ve never owned a dressing a room and honestly, it is the one room I will probably never own. So this was, even more, fun to design.

My dream dressing room:

To me, a dressing room should be simple and be relaxing with basic colors so as not to take away from the clothes. As a mom of two, I would love a dressing room that was VERY ADULT and as far away from kid friendly as possible. I was attracted to The Evelyn Cheval Mirror in French Black. To me, it looks simple, but the rounded corners give it a small touch of class.  It also reminds me of something from a fairy tale.

With the color scheme established with the mirror, I picked The Evelyn 7 Drawer Dresser in French Black. Since both pieces come in the same finish, it’s a sure bet they’ll look good together.

I like the idea of a dresser inside the room, so small and intimate items can be stored for easy access. Since no kids will be playing in this room, I would love to have something pretty and glass to sit on the dresser. Something like a sea glass vase. 







It would be fun to have a seating area in this fantasy room, so I could sit and enjoy myself or have friends over to help me pick out outfits. With all the dark furniture, I think a white couch would really stand out. So I would choose The Baldwin 76″ Slipcover Sofa in Deso Snow with 2 Taza Small Pendant lights centered over the sofa. Arhaus has a selection of pendant lights that you can check out here.

(I really like that light. It appeals to the steampunk gal in me)

The last detail would be a shag rug like this one:



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