Terri Luvs Characters #1- Rhea

So the first thing I have to ask you is with everything you have seen and all the lives you have lived, what has been your favorite time and/or event from the past?

Hello, Terri. First I am very pleased to meet you. Thank you for your interest in my story.

When you have seen the world quite literally evolve, it is difficult to select one time period over another. Remember I have witnessed eons passing and participated in countless cultures and civilizations. Personally, I prefer a simple life, less populated areas, in sumptuous and luxurious surroundings. The Egyptians lived quite pleasantly. However, I confess the world today is enriched by the immediacy of technology. Imagine how medicine has evolved since the Black Plague. I continue to be amazed by all technological toys. Who would have ever thought a self-driving car or flying one, might be possible and yet, they are both almost here.

Despite everything, I believe my time in Russia during Peter the Great is my favorite moments. I still have the malachite and diamond necklace he gave me.

You have mentioned before how much you enjoy the company of other extraordinaries liked you. Do you have a favorite extraordinary? 

How wonderful of you to use my favorite terminology. Sounds so much better than saying “supernatural,” does it not? I was very good friends with a Slyth, someone I loved when I was first born. I flew with her while I was still a phoenix and we remained companion friends until sometime during WWI. A bomb blast destroyed her when she was caught in the after effects. I miss her. Since then, I must say my friendshp with Drahomira makes vampires my new favorite.

Tell us a little about Dra, your BFF. Is she really as scary as she seems?

If I do not say ‘yes’she will kill me. (laugh) Let us say only that Drahomira is her own woman and if you are her friend, she is loyal to the death. She can be quirky and irreverent and I am still growing accustomed to her sense of humor. She does like to joke about death. Some people definitely find that scary.

With all the countries you have lived in, which is your favorite and what brings you to the US?

I am a devoted fan of Scotland. The lush, rugged landscape reminds me of Atlantis’ countryside. I miss the crags and bogs as well as the forests and cliffs. And the secret coves there are magical. That is where I met my first fairy, you know.

Can you tell us how you made Reaper, the wolfhound, immortal or is that one of those “once I tell you I have to kill you” kind of things?

Now a woman has to have some secrets. I think I will say simply that there are many extraordinaries who have owed me favors throughout the millennia. Once in a while, I seek one.

When you think about the future, what do you dream about?

Oh this is easy. My beloved mate, my one true love. Phoenix are mated once and there are no seconds. Our mates are not supposed to die without us. I dream of not being alone.

What is your favorite pastime?

I love to read and listen to music. Do you play the piano? I love listening to Rachmaninoff.

If I were to take you and any key historical person out to dinner, who would join us and why?

Again, you ask me about the multitudes of people amid countless civilians. Since I have mentioned Peter the Great will skip him. Let me see. I suppose I would enjoy a dinner with Empress Jinju of Japan (169 AD-269 AD). She was probably the most famous of the first female martial artists (onna-bugeisha) and quite proficient in weaponary. I learned much from her.

You have so many hot men in your life, like Viseral. Can you tell us more about him?

(laugh) Have I so many hot men in my life? Oh I think the Archangel might scowl at me for that thought. I hope you will come to know many of the people I cherish. Some of them are women, too.

I ask everyone this. You can only have five books on your bookshelf. What are they?

My dear, you ask me to chose from my library of the world. It is impossible. I will give you a few favorites. The first complete book must be a Dutch dictionary, the Woordenboek der Nederlandsche Taal. It was completed in 1998 after 134 years. It is only 40 volumes printed. Then I must add the Complete Works of Plato’s dialogues, the Taoism of Lao Tzu, The Compendium of Sherlock Holmes (I love his sleuthing) and The Great Book of Forgetting, of course.

Perhaps one day soon I will add one of your books to my library, yes? We’ll see Rhea 

Thank you for sitting down with me. I hope you will visit me again soon. How about sometime before Halloween?!



Rhea is a Scarlet Phoenix, the last of her kind. Born in Atlantis, she became a citizen of the world, a living legend to many civilizations. Long ago, sages prophecised that she and her mate were destined to bring a new future to the world.When her mate was murdered, Rhea abandoned her land, escaping the most dreadful cataclysm in Earth’s evolution.As she evolved with humans, her visage manifested as Isis, Kali, Freya, Vestra and so many other deities, and she fought alongside many warriors in the Dark, Middle and Medieval ages. She spends her life making the world a brighter place. Familiar with most of the supernatural creatures alive today, she works on building an understanding of them with mankind.



Learn more about Rhea and all her friends in the upcoming novel TIME AND BLOOD (October 31, 2017) written by Sherry Rentschler or check out the other novels in the Evening Bower Series/World, MIDNIGHT ASSASSIN- A TALE OF LUST AND REVENGE & THE GYPSY THORN.






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