Ronaldo: The Reindeer Flying Academy by Maxine Sylvester

A Facebook friend of mine (another book blogger) asked the question, “What have you read this summer that made you laugh?”. There is not a whole lot of laughter in vampires, demons, and serial killers (sometimes I wonder what other people would think if they could see into my brain). Then came this book about a reindeer gearing up for the ultimate endurance test. Decked out in his crazy hat made by his grandfather (nice switch on stereotypes), he has to ignore his bullies and focus on his dream- to fly with Santa. Well, this book made me laugh. The author does a fantastic job setting the scene for this book and describing these characters I saw as real people. This is one of those kiddie lit books that may do better for adults than kids because of the warm fuzzies we all need and don’t get enough of in our adult lives. I read this to my daughters (8 & 11) and they loved it too.


Ronaldo is the top flying cadet at the prestigious Reindeer Flying Academy. He dreams of getting his flying license and becoming one of Santa’s reindeer, just like his hero, Vixen.

In the first adventure in the Ronaldo series, the second year flying cadets face their toughest ever flying test – The Endurance Challenge. Will Ronaldo be victorious and lift the silver cup? Or will mean brothers Dasher, Comet and Prancer ruin his chance for success?


Maxine Sylvester was born in London, England. She grew up with a passion for Winnie the Pooh and Paddington Bear. She also loved anything Disney and enjoyed drawing the characters.
Maxine’s love of ‘fun’ art grew and she had the privilege of being mentored by cartoonist and caricaturist, Steve Chadburn. She completed further studies in children’s book illustration with talented artist and illustrator, Jan Nesbitt.
She is currently working on Rudi’s Birthday, the third in the Ronaldo series, due for release in 2017.





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