Breaking the Girl by M.C. Webb

This was not an easy book to read, not because it was written poorly, in fact, it was written very well. It was hard to read because it moved me. I think there is a tendency to make the world of a love-story somewhat like a fairy tale. And that’s fun to read, but you know going into it, that it’s not real. This love story is real. The characters are real people who have to deal with harsh realities. That’s what made this story a five-star. My heart hurt for these characters. I wanted to reach through the book and hug them and even at times kick their butts because they acted stupidly. They were multi-dimesnsional and well-developed. Each character played a significant role in plot progression.
As a voracious reader, I appreciate a plot line with no wasted time. The plot never lagged, and I had to keep turning the pages to see what happened next. Each scene flowed into the next. It only took me one afternoon to read it.
This book has more than one scene that may trigger negative emotions for the reader, but I feel like the author did not sensationalize any the graphic scenes. Nor did she play them down and gloss over them. They just were what they were. Read the blurb for this book and understand what it is about before you read it.

Breaking the Girl by M.C. Webb is a dark story of desire. Two souls collide, breaking open a long forgotten past, and a very tortured present. What drives the lovers closer, may be the very thing the tears them apart.

Axel Stone is a porn star, a highly successful porn star. Now semi-retired and frigidly cold, Axel stumbles through life the only way he knows how – lots of booze and women. With more than 1500 movies over his short career, Axel has slowly removed himself from filming, opting instead to “train” woman for the industry resulting in their near stardom as they emerge onto the adult film sets. Every director wants one of Axel’s girls because Axel’s girls, make money.
And Payton Knight needs money.

Homeless, survivor of a horrific ordeal has left Payton broke and desperate. A chance encounter to meet and be trained by Axel, with the possibility of making enough cash to right her wrongs, Payton jumps at the chance. It doesn’t hurt she is instantly attracted to the leading man. Neither get what they expect and as they both struggle with which reality is less damning, both Axel and Payton pay an ultimate price.


M.C. Webb is a contemporary author of dark romance. First published in high school, the attention shy writer avoided publication for many years, opting to limit her work locally. Her now widely released bibliography includes the suspenseful “The Black Trilogy” a touch of second chance love in “Second String” and newest spellbinding novel “Breaking the Girl” out Valentines Day 2017. Born in Chatsworth Georgia, M.C. spent most of her childhood in the deep south until landing in the place she calls home today, Knoxville Tennessee. She loves interacting with readers and is a huge supporter of film, football, hockey and the blues.







  1. This sounds very intense. I love finding books that touch me emotionally and I tend to hold onto their characters long after I put the book down.

    1. I hope you’re being a little sarcastic because this made me snort. Then I couldn’t remember how old you were and if you were serious and that made me snort again.

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