Prudence by Gail Carriger

As a reviewer, there are times when I read books and it just isn’t the book for me for some reason. I used to just write the book off and give it a lower review. But then I realized that an author who does a good job deserves a review based on that and not whether or not I’m “in the mood.” This was a good book and I’m glad I didn’t just write it off. I will say the main character is a little silly for my tastes, but she is PERFECT for this story and I don’t think if one of the ass-kicking heroines that I’m used to could have made this story better. The plot of this story is unlike any I’ve read before. It’s fast action and moves the reader to the next page just to see what happens. I LOVED the steampunk aspect, but I don’t know that much about it yet. From what little I’ve gleaned, the Victoria age was full of upper class flirting and changing outfits several times a day. It was also full of women who were tough and could get any job done that needed to be done. The part of the story that really drew me it was the author’s descriptions of the settings. I could see everything in my mind’s eye. It was fun to read about Prudence’s adventures and I’m looking forward to reading more about the Custard Protocol. 


Introducing the Custard Protocol series, in which Prudence travels to India for Queen, country…and the perfect pot of tea.

When Prudence Alessandra Maccon Akeldama (“Rue” to her friends) is bequeathed an unexpected dirigible, she does what any sensible female under similar circumstances would do — she christens it the Spotted Custard and floats off to India.

Soon, she stumbles upon a plot involving local dissidents, a kidnapped brigadier’s wife, and some awfully familiar Scottish werewolves. Faced with a dire crisis (and an embarrassing lack of bloomers), Rue must rely on her good breeding — and her metanatural abilities — to get to the bottom of it all…


NYT Bestseller Gail Carriger writes comedies of manners mixed with paranormal romance (and the sexy San Andreas Shifter series as G.L. Carriger). Her steampunk books include the Parasol Protectorate, Custard Protocol, Supernatural Society, and Delightfully Deadly series for adults, and the Finishing School series for young adults. She is published in many languages and has over a dozen NYT bestsellers. She was once an archaeologist and is fond of shoes, octopuses, and

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  1. I skipped the Custard Protocol series which followed her Parasol Protectorates (which was fun). I think she does a wonderful tongue-in-cheek fantasy for the age and I get a kick out of her werewolves.
    If you haven’t tried the Parasol line, I hope you will try it. Thanks for sharing this.

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