Deja Revu #1

This post was inspired by Platpire Reviews On their blog they do this weekly to wrap up a week’s worth of reviews. I’m just randomly selecting posts from all my reviews and reminding you of what great books they are.


Paranormal/ Urban Fantasy

Way Down Below (Way Down Below Series Book 1) by Nicole Thorn & Sarah Hall 

Shiloh Whittaker has spent the last twenty years living under her family’s strict rule. She’s always chafed under their beliefs, and found little ways to break their rules. Now, with her family’s reins tightening, she’s met her match in Luc Bishop.
Luc’s outrageous behavior, wicked smile, and fiery amber eyes draw Shiloh in immediately. Her little rebellions, and desire to break free attract Luc’s attention, but he has secrets that could hurt Shiloh. Luc’s father isn’t human, but the original Fallen Angel, Lucifer, and Luc’s brother was murdered.
The more time Shiloh spends with Luc, the stricter her family’s rules become. To make matters worse, the man who murdered Luc’s brother sets his sights on Shiloh. With danger closing in all sides, Shiloh feels more caged than ever.


I Am Currency by Whitney L. Grady

**2014 Next Generation Indie Book Awards Finalist**
When a meteor slams into earth causing a shift in the planet’s magnetic core, the age of technology ends and economies across the globe crash. Years later, knowledge is not only power…it is currency. Bookkeepers are invaluable in this post-apocalyptic world.

Nevel can never tell anyone he is a bookkeeper. His photographic memory is his secret. With a dystopian government that keeps all known books under lock and key looming as a constant threat and with parents involved as agents in the U.B.M. (Underground Book Movement) to protect that secretly exist, Nevel is in a dangerous position. Never does this cause an issue until the day a fellow classmate, Quinn, appears at his door and proves to know more than she should.



Clemetine & Claudia by Piper Milton

The First World War is raging and sisters Clementine and Claudia are coping in very different ways. Clementine is a nurse on the front line, doing her best to save the lives of soldiers wounded while serving their country. Claudia, on the other hand, is living the good life in England, deliberately oblivious to the horrors her sister and so many others are living through. When they both meet their perfect man, their already fractured relationship is tested in ways they could never imagine.

The début novel from Piper Milton, Clementine and Claudia is a powerful and beautifully written story of romance and war and a wonderful addition to the romantic traditions of Penny Vincenzi, Soraya Lane, Brief Encounter and Downton Abbey.



I Remember the Time by Kim Hemphill

I want to caution the reader about the child abuse mentioned in this book. It is not thrown in just for effect, but it is a little hard to read.

The train collided into the car on the side that three-year-old Kim was sitting. This split second changed this boy’s life forever. The gash across his face and head took 105 sutures to close. The battle with his demons just started.

Kim shares with you the challenges of severe child abuse, poverty, effects of little parental support, and a rebellious rage within himself. He bought himself his first toothbrush at 14 years old!

He describes the severe pain that he endured when he lost his best friend, mentor, and only brother in the Vietnam War after just 2 weeks of combat.

As a teenager, he was homeless and living in a tent. His living room and kitchen was a campfire and lawn chair. His grocery store was the forest surrounding him.

Despite all the turmoil he went through, Kim turned his life into a rewarding, successful one filled with everything he yearned for in his younger years.

Kim’s life has been filled with huge success, love and acceptance. Without any formal education, he flourished in the banking and real estate industry. Over the past 40 years he founded three companies, all of which are still operating today. He invented numerous products that are sold across the United States and Canada.






  1. *swoon* ALL THESE BOOKS LOOK READY TO BE READ. And oh my! Way Down Below has the PRETTIEST COVER EVERRR!!!❤❤

    Great post, Terri. Thanks for the recs.

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