Foster An Author #3- Meet S.F. Benson


SF Benson is a native of Detroit, Michigan and a graduate of Western Michigan University, SF has fed her creative brain through a variety of jobs from customer service to working with animals. Although the work title has changed, one thing remained true—her desire to be a writer. As a kid she could often be found writing stories or with a book in her hand. It didn’t matter where the location, SF could be found reading (even at the beach).

Her debut novel, Regress—a dystopian set in her home state—developed from a dream. When she’s not concocting tales in her sleep, SF has been known to come up with entire dialogues in the shower.

SF prefers writing stories which answer the “what if” question in life. Her protagonists are strong and diverse set in post-apocalyptic or paranormal worlds.

S.F. Benson has sponsored a giveaway of a signed paperback of any of her books.

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Rebel: the Alliance Chronicles, Book Four

“Some secrets are more costly than others.”

Tru Shepard holds the key—a highly coveted piece of tech—in the palm of her hand.

Everyone in the American Republic has secrets—some innocent and some dangerous.

Tru Shepard, a Creative, thinks she’s fighting to maintain her identity. She soon learns that the struggle is much bigger, and she holds the key.

Zared Aoki, the guy she loves, thinks he’s fighting for happiness. The ghosts from his past are supposed to be behind him, but sometimes the past shows up when you least expect it.

In a world built on secrecy, will the truth set you free?



Blessed Hearts: Hearts Duology, Book Two

He went to Hell…for her.

Cash Martin, tattoo artist and incubus, doesn’t do relationships. Late night debauchery with as many females as he can muster suits him just fine. He’s following the golden rule: incubi don’t fall in love.

Until her.

Qadira, fifth daughter of Al-Qadir, is a djinniyah on the run from an arranged marriage. She’s passing through town when she runs into the one creature she abhors—an incubus.

When someone starts mutilating humans in Falls Creek, suspicion falls on Qadira. Cash provides an alibi and a spark is ignited. The situation becomes complicated when he must travel to Hell to rescue her.

Cash may have put his soul on the line for Qadira, but will he give her his heart?

Blessed Hearts is a New Adult standalone in the Hearts Duology.



1. If you had a free day with no responsibilities and your only mission was to enjoy yourself, what would you do?

A free day with no responsibilities…I’d probably marathon my favorite Marvel/DC Comics movies or dive into a book and read it from beginning to end.

2. Describe your writing process.
I’m a recovering pantser. I used to plan but didn’t outline. Now I do both. After arriving at an idea, I like to write out a summary–basically, a third person synopsis of everything that will happen. Then I come up with an outline for each act (I write in three acts) and I use a timeline I found on I’ll develop a secret Pinterest board with characters and setting pictures. In the planning stage I’ve already fleshed out my characters. Sometimes I interview them. Other times I just write out (in a notebook) the relevant things about them. After all that’s done, it’s time to draft. I set an overall word count for the story and then divide that by how many chapters I’m shooting for. That word count gets divided by 30. I try to draft in a month and then I put the book down for a few months before I revise and get into the editing process.
3. I will take you and any author you want out to dinner. Who will you invite and what will we talk about? 
Let’s invite George R.R. Martin. I want to talk about his world building for his books.
4. What is the best writing advice you ever received?
Keep writing and just do it. I know those are very cliche, but they are relevant for me. At one point, I stopped writing and didn’t pick it up again for 20 years.
5. You can only have five books on your bookshelf. What are they?
Man, that’s hard. Let’s see… Grimm’s Fairy Tales, The Encyclopedia of Witchcraft (comes in handy for writing PNR), Sarah J. Maas’ Court of Wings and Ruin, Stephen King’s On Writing, and my first book Regress (a reminder of what I can do when I just keep writing).


  1. She sounds like a fun person to get to know. I enjou dystopian books- it’s always interesting what authors come up with. Will have to check this one out!

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