Whiskey Witches ~Blood Magick by S.M. Blooding

This was the next book in the series and I think I like this one even better than the first. Though I will say the first one was dynamite. The reason I liked this one better had to do with character development. I knew these characters now. They have become part of my fantasy book world. I do think a reader could start with this book and still understand the series. But as with any series, starting with book one gives you a greater appreciation for the story.

The plot for this book was fast-paced and it drove me to keep listening. I didn’t want to be interrupted. The author added a new character and developed one a little more from the first book and it helped create a nice ensemble cast. There is one twist with this book, and I really can’t say too much but it involved a really big cat.

The narrator continued to do a phenomenal job with each of the characters. Their voices were unique and helped me visualize them even more in my head.

Witches used to be the only game in town.
Fresh from solving an occult serial murder in Louisiana, Detective Paige Whiskey returns to her home in Denver to discover the killer she freed in exchange for Dexx’s life is continuing his murderous rampage. However, in true Sven fashion, he’s killing people to show Paige things she never knew.
He’s showing her a world that had been hidden from her, a wider world of the paranormal.
To protect the shifters he’s targeting, she must break the treaty between shifters and witches, endanger her job, and risk her life.
Will Paige save the shifters, finally catch Sven, keep her job, and maintain a lid on this war?
Or will she lose it all?


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About the Author: S.M. Blooding

Frankie lives in beautiful Montana with her Darling Dork, his two part-time girls, and their cat, Tesla. She enjoys creating with her wonderful husband, doing everything from crochet, to sewing, to art, and, of course, writing. She’s lived a pretty colorful life, giving breath to her stories.

She’s dated vampires, werewolves, sorcerers, weapons smugglers, U.S. Government assassins, and slingshot terrorist. No. She is not kidding.




Kalinda Little is a 28-year-old web developer who started playing around with audio and never stopped. Currently based out of Portland Oregon, she has spent time all up and down the West Coast, including several years is Ashland where she worked backstage at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. She is a chapter leader for the Nine Bridges Writers, a nonprofit that aims to assist and support writers in all genres, by providing resources and critique.

While she only started recording professionally in April of 2016, she had over two hundred hours of amateur recording and editing available before that point. To date, she has narrated 27 books, with another 3 set to come out before the end of 2017.







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