The Love Labyrinth by Pamela D. Beverly


Love is complicated. No matter how all of us try to make the “right” choices there are so many times, we just jump and hope we land someplace decent in the end. What I really liked about this story was how real these characters and the storyline felt.  I don’t know of any person in a relationship who hasn’t been tempted to be with someone else. It would be very easy for the author to paint a fairy tale where everyone lived happily ever after.  I’m so glad she didn’t. I enjoyed reading this book and trying to guess how it would end. It was a quick read, I read (listened to actually) in one afternoon. Won’t give any spoilers here- but I’m glad it ended the way it did and not the other way.

The narrator did a good job with the various voices. It always amazes me when narrators seem to nail the way I “see” the characters in my head.



Noelle Harrison is a hard-working wife and loving mother to two young sons. Although supportive of her husband Wayne’s professional pursuits, she rails at his constant out-of-town travel to conferences and seminars. What about her needs and wants?

Facing a life-threatening situation, she has a decision to make.

There are two sides to every story. Or maybe three.


Pamela D. Beverly considers herself a Jacqueline-of-all-Trades but a master of none. Mostly she is a student of human nature that enjoys writing and studying mankind. Pamela has traveled all over the United States as well as to several foreign countries and enjoys meeting people of all races, religions and creeds. Her main wish for mankind is that people learn to get along and enjoy one another’s differences.







    1. Actually, I liked the ending a lot, but some will see it as happy and some won’t. The blurb lets you know this is a triangle so I’m not giving away any spoilers, but it is not a book based on polyamory

    1. Do you guys work with Jess @ The AudioBookWorm? I enjoy working with her. She is very professional and has turned me on to some great books. Some of them I actually cheated and bought the kindle because I can read faster than it was narrated.

  1. You definitely have me intrigued too!

    And I know what you mean about the narrator! There’s this book I once listened to, ‘It’s Kind Of A Funny Story’ and the narrator, Robert Fass was so amazing! I memorized his name in the hopes that I’ll find another of his narrations. So far, I haven’t. 🙁

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