Sweet Hollow Women by Holly Tierney-Bedord

This is the first book by this author that I have read and it won’t be the last. In fact, I’m looking forward to reading more by her. I think she has a keen observational talent that translates well into her writing. I mostly read fantasy, but I enjoy reading other genres because it helps me develop a broader and richer reading experience. Especially when I’m reading books that make me slow down and appreciate the richness of characters development through dialog. Holly Tierney-Bedord’s multi-generational story invites the reader to fall in love with the ladies of the Busey clan. Told in multiple points of view, the author developed a book with a heartwarming story that evoked many emotions. I really enjoyed reading this book and taking my time.




As part of a family where life happens to you, fifteen-year-old Carasine Busey is devastated but not surprised when her family drops everything in Sweet Hollow, Louisiana to follow her dad’s shaky career as a welder. It’s not especially shocking, either, when he abandons them all shortly after they settle into their new home in the city.
Carasine, her mom Rhonda, and the rest of the Busey clan have adapted to roll with the punches. From Rhonda’s secret broken heart to Great-Great-Grandpa Jimbo’s eccentric failed dreams, Carasine and her family are used to disappointment.
It’s not until Carasine gets a second chance with an unlikely pair of long-lost relatives that she realizes her path in life might be up to her to navigate. Being their flesh and blood convinces her that there may be some hope for her after all.


Holly Tierney-Bedord lives in Madison, Wisconsin. She is the author of several novels including Coached, Bellamy’s Redemption, and Surviving Valencia. Visit her website at www.hollytierneybedord.com where you can connect to her blogs and subscribe to her newsletter.



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