Xenkur Chronicles by DW Johnson

This was a great start to this series. The main character, Lacey, searches for answers to her questions about dreams. I liked her a lot and I feel like the author did a good job developing her into a whole character. Her fast-paced story was enjoyable to read. The world building felt real and solid. It was easy to “see” this story while I read it.  I think the series will only get better as it grows.

Lacey Darkwater, a fisherman’s daughter, her world is nothing but questions. Alone and on her way home, she makes one small decision that changes her life forever.
Now caught up in a continent of turmoil. Young and inexperienced, joined with a power she didn’t ask for she must weigh the decision between keeping herself and her companions alive and finding the answers she seeks.
Will her friends, the tinker who trusts machines more than men, the healer who sees the world in black and white, the child of the darkness and a drunk running from his past, pay a price they cannot afford? And then there’s what lies in the shadow.
D. W. Johnson’s first epic novel of sword and sorcery is jam packed with excitement and surprises. It’s a non-stop ride, filled with wizards, monsters, and magic. Darkwater is the first in a three book series that promises to become a standard among fantasy fiction.



I liked this second book even more than the first. The author Has really found his groove. I liked Lacey before, but I love her now. She is such a strong lead character I don’t see how this story could be told from any other way. The dialog and world-building are as strong as an author who has been writing for a long time.

Lacey Darkwater is dead to the world. She has been reborn as Mithavan’ara-Khan. The mages life is nothing more than death and pain. Abandoned by her family, shunned by her friends and hunted by an evil so absolute it cannot be measured.
The world she travels is a bitter, blasted land of war. She now has nowhere to turn but inside herself. Caught in a struggle of power between what is and what was, Lacey must find the answers she needs without understanding the questions.
Can the mage save her world? Is she able to harness the ultimate power? Will she help her friends or leave them dying in the dust?


DW is an author and an artist. He has been creating paintings and photographs for over 40 years. He lives in Eastern Kansas with his daughter, a large epileptic dog, two cats, and a barnyard of chickens and ducks. Before he began writing Fantasy Fiction DW has worn many hats, from publishing an online photography magazine to running a no-kill animal sanctuary.

If you want to keep up on DW’s news and events, please visit his website at www.dwjart.net. There you can sign up to know when his next book is available.


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