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I met Alyne, last year through Twitter. What has impressed me the most is that no matter what she is always smiling and always finds a reason to laugh. This interview was a lot of fun for me.
1. If you weren’t a writer, what would be your dream job? Artist. I’ve always loved to draw and paint (watercolors mostly) and it’s actually what I set out to do in my youth. I got accepted into FIDM – fashion institute of design and merchandising. Life happened, and I didn’t attend, but it’s always been a passion.
2. Where do your ideas come from? EVERYWHERE. Dreams, images, sometimes just little lines from poems or quotes. The Island came to me in a dream. Rocking Autumn started from me saying “all men are the same” and then it quickly wove itself into a story. The book I am writing currently came from a little quote I saw that said “he taught her how to live, she taught him how to love” and it turned itself into a novel.
3. What is the best writing advice have you received and what would you advise new writers? To be willing to be split wide open and write from your heart. I will probably never write to market. I don’t write because I want to be on the New York Times list, I write because I have stories inside of me. My advice to new writers would be the exact same. Don’t write for money, write because you love to.
4. Tell us all the genres you write. Currently, Contemporary Romance. However, I do plan to branch off into Contemporary fiction and possibly Paranormal Romance. I have a lot more in my head than just kissing books 😉
5. Do you consider yourself a pantser or a plotter? Both. The Island was complete pantsting. But I am a reformed pantster and I now plot HEAVILY before I go in and write. It keeps me on track and keeps me from having stories fall flat or not get finished. I plot out my story, but I let the chapters within my plotting happen as they may.
6. Describe your dream vacation. I’ve always dreamed of going to Bali and spending a month just living peacefully for a month or two and maybe even quieting my mind for awhile.
7. How do you decide on names for your characters? I search baby name sights and I have a HUGE list of names in a notebook. When I develop my character I go to my list and usually, the name just jumps out at me as what would suit them.
8. Describe any writing rituals you use. My only writing ritual is this. Big cup of green tea, a playlist I have designed for each book, scented candles or wax melts that put me in the mood and no internet. When I get stuck, I get in the bathtub. It’s about the only time I stop thinking, and I swear some of my best scenes have come to me in the tub.
9. What snacks do you eat while you write? Do you listen to music? If so what kind? I try not to snack while I write because it becomes mindless eating. I sip tea and listen to music. Each book is different. For Rocking Autumn it was a lot of rock music. For the one I am doing now it’s a softer indie vibe.
10.  What is the last book you read and why did you choose it? The last book I read was Wednesday by Kendall Ryan. I chose it because Kendall is one of my romance writer heroes and it had great reviews. Plus it seemed very emotional, and I was curious about the storyline.
11. What was the first book you remember reading? Little House on the Prairie.
12.  You can only have five books on your bookshelf. What are they and why? OH MY GOSH. Different Seasons, Stephen King. Survivor, Chuck Palahniuk. The Bell Jar, Sylvia Plath. Where the Heart Is, Billie Letts. Twilight, Stephanie Meyer. I’m all over the place, I know!
13.  Your other job is at the garden center. Have you always enjoyed the outside and working with plants? Is it safe to say you have a green thumb? I do not have a green thumb! Or least,  I didn’t before I accepted that position. Before I started working at the store I am at now I had been the Store Manager of a Pier One and a Bath and Bodyworks. It was because of those experiences that my store manager wanted me to take on the garden center – as it’s kind of it’s own store within our store, and the square footage and seasonal changes were something I had experience in. I knew nothing about plants, so I had the associates in my area teach me and every year that goes by I learn a little more.
14. I’m writing a story about you. What should the title be and why? “I shouldn’t have said that” – I have no filter, I don’t mince words and I am brutally honest. I wind up with my foot in my mouth more often than I would like!
15. I know you like coffee. What is your favorite blend and how do you drink it? Regular old dark roast with cream!
16. I want to take you and one person from history as your guest. Who will you invite and why? Anne Frank. When I was a little girl I read The Diary of Anne Frank and it’s one of those things that has always stuck with me.
17. If you could live in another time period which one would you choose and why? The 20’s. The culture and fashion have always spoken to me. If reincarnation is real, then I lived in the twenties – and I lived it up.


For 31 year old Amie Graham, life on the island was supposed to be simpler – simpler than the life and problems she left behind. Less complicated and less dramatic than life back home. That was the plan anyway.
But fate, it seems, has a sense of humor and it throws a complication or two right in her path.
Complication one, Michael.
If you could cross a model with a football player, you’d get Michael, at least how Amie sees him. Long dark blonde hair, packed with rounded muscles and well over six feet tall, he’s gorgeous, he’s funny, sweet and vulnerable. He’s her own Greek god among men, and she finds herself falling in love with him.
Complication two, Gabe. 
Gabe is beautiful, serene and intelligent, and Amie finds herself drawn to him. With his curly brown hair, soulful green eyes and olive skin decorated with tattoos and piercings – she finds herself falling in love with him also.
The other problem? They’re best friends – and they’re in love with her too. Can three people really love each other, or is the air of the island just messing with their hearts and minds?
WARNING. This is a MFM romance. While this book focuses heavily on the emotions and relationship(s) there is plenty of steam! If this is your cup of tea, you should know there is no MM action. It’s all about Amie, and her love of these two hot, loveable, sexy men.

Rocking Autumn: A Small Town, Second Chance Romance (The Homecoming Series Book 1)

Autumn Brooks knows one thing for certain.
All. Men. Are. The. Same.
Especially guys like Jaxon West. Sexy smile. Bright blue eyes and perfectly tousled jet-black hair.
You know what guys like that are? Nothing but trouble.
And he’s broken her heart once already.
Jaxon West may not know a lot of things. But he knows one thing for certain. He will get Autumn Jane Brooks back.
Autumn and Jax were “that couple” in high school. Always together and so in love. They were supposed to be together forever until something drove them apart. Jax left without so much as a goodbye, leaving Autumn heartbroken and alone.
Autumn moved on, running a bookstore and popular bakery in the charming small town of Walla Walla, Jax set out to pursue his dreams of becoming a rock star in Chicago.
For Jax and his band, The Living Room Sessions, breaking into the music business was hard. And no matter how hard he tried, he never could get Autumn out of his mind. Ten years later, almost to the day, he’s back, and he’s determined to win her heart. An effort she won’t make easy on him. But when he finally does, can their relationship survive long distance? Can it survive the secret he’s keeping from her? Does this second chance get a happily ever after?

Author Note: This book contains mature subject content including: steamy sex, frequent use of F-bombs and alcohol use. Although it is part of a series, there is no cliffhanger. Please also note, this is a long distance relationship where the couple is together, but separate half of the time.


Thank you Alyne for talking with us here at terriluvsbooks.



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