Dawn’s Promise by A.W. Exley

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Readers talk about one-click authors. These are the authors that you want to one-click on Amazon, no matter what their book is about. For me, A.W. Exley is one of those. As you may have noticed if you’ve read my blog for awhile, she pops up a lot. And with good reason. She is awesome. I love the way she thinks and her passion for each of her books. There are two reasons I love her books; her character development and world building.


This book is hands above fist, my favorite. It is incredible. I read it in two days and completely forgot I had a family. In fact, I was so engrossed in this book, I forgot there was a world outside of this strange garden.

Her descriptions of various garden plants and flowers fascinated me. I can’t even imagine the amount of research that went into this. However, she did a terrific job of balancing information sharing with entertainment. I never once felt like it was too much or massive info dumps.  I’ve read a lot of books and the basic idea, a young seemingly helpless girl saves everyone, is familiar, the context of this story was not like anything I’ve read before. The plot twists were as intricate as the magical vines in the garden. The love story moved me to tears more than once.

A heart prepared to die that has never lived or loved…

Born with fragile health, Dawn Uxbridge has lived a sheltered existence. Her lonely days are filled by drawing fanciful landscapes and nurturing plants. When tragedy strikes, she finds herself alone and penniless with only one talent—a green thumb.
Jasper, the Earl of Seton, is in need of a gardener to reclaim his derelict estate in the remote west of England. He expected a robust commoner, not a fragile young woman. With the next train a week away, Dawn has one chance to change the earl’s mind and earn her place.
But all is not as it seems at the ancestral manor. The estate is full of secrets, ravens cluster on the parapets, and a ghostly young woman cries out at night. This garden conceals a rotten heart, and it plans to squeeze the last beat from Dawn’s…


Books and writing have always been an enormous part of my life. I survived school by hiding out in the library, with several thousand fictional characters for company. At university, I overcame the boredom of studying accountancy by squeezing in Egyptology papers and learning to read hieroglyphics.

I write gaslamp and fantasy historical novels from my home in rural New Zealand.

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  1. I love books with world’s I can get lost in. Secret gardens? Sign me up! My one click Every time is Beverly Jenkins… I’m aware that I have a problem.

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