12 Books of Christmas

12 Books of Christmas~ Reviews 5 & 6

A hot steamy romance for a cold winter’s night. I enjoyed reading it and taking a quick break from holiday family festivities.  The storyline is a little different from what I normally read and maybe that’s why it struck a chord with me. Or it could be that I’m like a big fangirl when it comes to this guy’s stuff. His stories like this tend to be readable in one sitting. Which is also very appealing to me. I read this one while sitting in the car waiting for my daughter to finish her play rehearsal. He just digs in, tells a great story, shares good characters, and then leaves you wanting more.

I liked the first book, and I don’t know for sure I can say why I liked this one better, but I did. I’m thinking the characters felt more real and solid in this one. I certainly think you should pick up both and read them back to back. There are a lot of things I like about this author, but one of the best things about his books is his ability to explore human relationships in an honest and entertaining way.


**Both of these books have adult relational scenes**

These reviews are part of The 12 Books of Christmas Challenge

12 Books of Christmas~ Reviews 3 & 4



There is nothing better than wrapping up in a warm blanket with a cup of hot tea on a cold day while reading a good book. This book was great. It gave me all the feels and just made me feel good when I was done. To sum it up, it was like drinking the perfect cup of coffee while the house is all quiet and you can just sit and watch the snow fall.

Thank you, NetGalley for giving me this book.




Eight years after fleeing Christmas Falls because of a high school prank gone wrong, Ashley Brooks receives a mysterious letter from her mentor asking her to come home. She arrives to face all she left behind—her family, her friends, and the rich boy she’d loved who would never date the girl from the wrong side of town.
Brent Donnelly, high school jock, brainiac, and dutiful son did everything right until the day Ashley returns to Christmas Falls. With one look at the girl who got away he questions all his life choices, including following in his father’s footsteps in the family business.
Faced with a potentially devastating decline of tourism in their hometown, Brent and Ashley must work together to save the magic of their town, but when Ashley discovers he still has feelings for her best friend she must finally face the real reason she left Christmas Falls—to try to heal her broken heart.
Seven fabulous authors bring you this holiday romance series about a group of special friends returning to their hometown at the request of their high school mentor. Each book is a standalone, but read them all to fully enjoy the journey of these remarkable women and their emotional reunion with their mentor, an incredible woman who changes their lives and helps save a small town community forever.

Ciara Knight is a USA Today and Amazon Bestselling author who writes ‘A Little Edge and A Lot of Heart’ that spans the heat scales. Her popular sweet romance series, Sweetwater County (rated PG), takes readers into small town romance full of family trials, friendly competition, and community love.
The prequel novella of a brand new sister series, Riverbend, is now available, and the first four books will release in 2016.
Ciara’s teen books (Rated PG) are coming of age stories, set in fantastical worlds, with a little grit. Her bestselling series, The Neumarian Chronicles and Battle for Souls both received four and five star reviews and were nominated for prestigious awards.
For more sizzle, check out Ciara’s Shrouded Kingdoms. After a long wait, she is pleased to independently release this series, and after many reader requests, she is happy to announce that the second book, Secrets of Dargon, will release in January 2016.



I am in love with this series and I want to inhale each one. I seriously can’t read them fast enough. This story is just good. It makes me forget how stressful this holiday season is already getting. I get to sit back for a little bit and walk in someone else’s shoes.


Thank you, NetGalley for giving me this book.





Morgan Reed is excited to return to her hometown of Christmas Falls and open her beauty salon, but when she arrives to her rented business space she’s shocked to find it already occupied by Dallas Parker—her brother’s best friend, the guy she had a childhood crush on, and the one her mom blames for their family’s greatest tragedy.
With their landlord out of the country and unreachable, Morgan and Dallas must open their businesses together. But, no worries, all small towns need a combo furniture store/beauty salon, right? Ugh. As they work together, Morgan tries to keep her emotional distance but time and off-the-charts chemistry soon turn a childhood friendship into a blossoming romance.
Unfortunately, just when their relationship develops into something deeper, an unexpected crisis re-opens her family’s old wounds and the blame is on Dallas once again. Will Morgan’s sadness and fear pull them apart, or make her realize Dallas has always been her heart’s true safe harbor?
Seven fabulous authors bring you this holiday romance series about a group of special friends returning to their hometown at the request of their high school mentor. Each book is a standalone, but read them all to fully enjoy the journey of these remarkable women and their emotional reunion with their mentor, an incredible woman who changes their lives and helps save a small town community forever.



SUSAN HATLER is a New York Times and USA TODAY Bestselling Author, who writes humorous and emotional contemporary romance and young adult novels. Many of Susan’s books have been translated into German, Spanish, French, and Italian. A natural optimist, she believes life is amazing, people are fascinating, and imagination is endless. She loves spending time with her characters and hopes you do, too.

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These reviews are part of The 12 Books of Christmas Challenge

12 Books of Christmas~ Reviews 1 & 2


I luved this book, but come on- who doesn’t love a good Christmas story? If you are a fan of Love Actually you will like this book. The set-up is the same in that there is one main story centering on one family, but several interconnected people stories add to the plot development. The characters are solid and such fun to watch, well actually read. The author did a great job setting up each event it made it easy to see these scenes in my head. I laughed out loud a few times and garnished a few laughs from the people around me.


**Thank you, NetGalley for letting me read this book**



Katy’s been stuck in the office away from her family so she wants it all: snow (fake or real), the Michael Bublé Christmas album, whatever it takes.
There’s only one thing missing as far as her husband Ben is concerned: another baby to complete their family. But Katy isn’t so sure she’s ready yet…
Ben may be playing the role of Master Elf in the pre-school nativity but he is struggling to master his own family life. With romantically-challenged friends, an ex who refuses to go away and Katy’s mum’s 64-year-old toy boy thrown into the mix, Christmas looks like it could be going off the rails… Never mind family planning, can Katy and Ben even plan to make it to the end of Christmas Day?

From the no. 1 bestselling author of No-one Ever Has Sex on a Tuesday, this book will make you cry with laughter, and then book your flights abroad for the festive season. Perfect for fans of Marian Keyes, Sophie Kinsella and Milly Johnson.



Tracy started writing when her cruel, heartless husband ripped her away from her dream job shopping for rollercoasters for the UK’s leading theme parks, to live in America with a brand new baby and no mates. In a cunning plan to avoid domestic duties she wrote the romantic comedy, NO-ONE EVER HAS SEX ON A TUESDAY.
Her new Connecticut friends took a shine to her British sense of humour and encouraged her to share her words with a wider audience. NO-ONE EVER HAS SEX ON A TUESDAY went on to be successfully published internationally and became a number 1 bestseller in the UK. So now Tracy has a new dream job, making people laugh and sometimes cry through her writing.
She’s back in England now and cracking on with writing about other people who screw up their lives in a hilarious fashion. NO-ONE EVER HAS SEX ON CHRISTMAS DAY is her latest novel to be launched into the world.

Get in touch with Tracy at or follow her on twitter @TracyBBloom



This book is plain and simple pure awesomeness. If you like the movie, you will like this book.







A delightful Christmas storybook for adults based on the action-packed Die Hard movie. All John McClane wants for Christmas is to reunite with his estranged family. But when his wife’s office holiday party turns into a deadly hostage situation, he has to save her life before he can get home in time for Christmas!The unconventional fan-favorite movie Die Hard is now an illustrated storybook—complete with machine guns, European terrorists, and a cop who’s forced to rely on all his cunning and skills (and the help of a fellow officer) to save the day. Based on the classic “Night Before Christmas” poem and filled with whimsical illustrations, this cleverly reimagined homage is destined to become a holiday classic.*Contains adult material including violence and strong language. Reader discretion is advised. Ho-ho-ho.


Doogie Horner is an author, illustrator, and comedian. His books include Some Very Interesting Cats Perhaps You Weren’t Aware of (Workman, 2015), Everything Explained Through Flowcharts (Harper Collins 2010), and 100 Ghosts (Quirk Books, 2013), among others. He is the illustrator of the Kid Legends series (Quirk Books, 2014-2017).

Doogie was a semi-finalist on America’s Got Talent where he famously won over a hostile NYC audience. His comedy album, A Delicate Man, was an AV Club staff pick. He is a frequent guest on Doug Loves Movies and has been featured on Dave Chapelle’s Oddball Comedy Tour. His live show The Ministry of Secret Jokes won a Best of Philly award from Philadelphia Magazine.

His humor writing has also appeared in McSweeney’s, Wired, Playboy, Fast Company, the London Times, Boing Boing, and other publications.


These reviews were part of the 12 Books of Christmas Challenge