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Wait, You Did What? by T.a. Moorman


Wait, You Did What? by T. A. Moorman

Published 1/16/18 by After Glows Publishing

Contemporary/Romantic Comedy

Justine had the job of her dreams, the best parents in the
world, and a brother she more than just tolerated. The one thing she gave up on
was finding love. She didn’t need that to be happy, right? In helping her
brother pull off his own last-minute wedding, Justine may be in for a surprise
of her own, and find love had been right there in her face the entire time.
Join in on Justine’s adventure of #love#laughter, and #limousines.
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Pops was a six foot three inch tall bear of a white
man with white hair cut to the quick, with a small beard and mustache that made
his handsome face look menacing, when in truth he was one of the nicest men
you’d ever meet. Mom was just a touch over five feet, a fierce, robust black
woman with more than a touch of Native American. She had long dark brown hair
and the face of an angel, though she could be mean as a damn grizzly if you got
on her wrong side. She was also more than a touch racist: she doesn’t count
Pops as white. Yes, I know how idiotic that sounds. But since he grew up in the
heart of Detroit and played pro basketball for a while until an accident took
out his knee, Mom said that made him black enough for her. Did I mention they
were a touch insane?
“Well, don’t just stand there like some statues. Your mom
made some brunch and has it all set up nice in the dining room,” Pops said as
he ushered us in, “And she wouldn’t let me touch a damned thing ’til y’all got
here and I’m half starved.”
“You got enough meat on those bones to afford to miss
a meal or two,” Was Mom’s snappy reply to that comment.
“Estelle, you wound me with your words. Now, I’m going
to need some extra affection from you or I’ll start believing you just don’t
love me like you used to.”
“I’ll give you some extra affection alright, a whack
upside the back of your head if you touch that food before we say grace.”
Rolling my eyes at that, I sat down. I couldn’t help
but smile at how much the two of them loved one another, as we bowed our heads to
say grace. They almost gave me hope that I could find that type of love too.
Mom cleared her throat before saying, “There’s some
grown up juice mixed in with the orange juice, since I’m more than sure we
gonna need it. Nothing ever bodes well when Max calls and says he wants to
discuss something with us.”
“Ma, come on, maybe I just wanted to spend some time
with my family.”
“Boy, do I look like I was born yesterday to you? If
so, them damn contacts ain’t worth a damned dime that you paid for ‘em, and you
need to go get a refund.”
I just about choked on my juice listening to the two
of them go back and forth. I don’t think Pops even heard a mumbling word over
his own chewing. I barely recall seeing the man even fix his plate, but when I
looked over at him he was already halfway done and eyeballing seconds.
I had a coughing fit so bad Pops was about to get up
and beat me on the back until I choked out an, “I’m okay,” when I heard Max
telling Mom, “Maybe I wanna just discuss going on a family vacation. We haven’t
done that in a while now.” I downed another glass of ‘grown up juice’ to help
soothe my throat, and get ready for the big reveal.
“Maybe if you actually ate some food to go with all
that juice you keep downing you wouldn’t be over there having spasms,” Pops
suggested to me between mouthfuls.
Only thing I could say to that was, “I am. I’m just a
bit more thirsty than I am hungry.” You
would be too if you knew just what kind of vacation your son was talking about.

As if he was reading my thoughts, Max cut his eyes at me.
“Quit eyeballing your sister, and tell us some more
about this vacation idea of yours.” Poor Mom, she truly sounded excited about
“Yes, Max, please enlighten us with more details about
this vacation plan of yours,” I said. “I am just so intrigued.”
“Justine, I hate you.”
“Love you too bro.” I even blew him a kiss with that.
Which made him look as though he wanted to strangle me. “Just trying to offer
up some encouragement. I’m in the mood for a vacation myself and would love to
hear the details.”
“You are so not helping here.” He was turning beet
red. Maybe I should let up a little bit. I
had barely had that thought before there was a knock at the door.
My eyes went round as saucers. “Please tell me you
When Mom scooted back her chair to go to the door, Max
stopped her saying, “I’ll get it.”
Sure enough, when he walked back in he had Chelsea on
his arm. “Mom, Pops, meet Chelsea, my fiancée.”
After about two seconds of stunned silence, Mom finally
recovered enough to say, “Justine, pass me that damn juice you hogging up over
there.” Then she turned to Pops saying, “Henry, please tell me your son did NOT just bring me home a white girl.”
About the Author:
When you become a Mom,
you begin to put yourself last, and your combat boots begin to collect dust.
Going to your child’s PTA meetings in full Gothic, especially industrial,
regalia is pretty much frowned upon. Especially by your own children, and your
teens would die of a heart attack. But, one should not have to completely stop
being themselves, uniqueness is greatness. So all of that darkness is put into
words in her books, and designs in her jewelry sold in her GothicMoms
DarkCharms shop.
Mother of five beautiful
children, but by far more than just that. T. A. Moorman is an artist, a
violinist, a seamstress, a crafter, a writer, a blogger, a reviewer, a dark
confidant and a darkly dangerous, fiercely protective friend. And currently
broke, so go buy something of hers. Lol.
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Adrenaline Secrets- The Deadly DNA Series, Book One by Carolyn Reily

☆★☆ Adrenaline Secrets – The Deadly DNA Series, Book One ☆★☆


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Release Date: October 18, 2017

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Book Description:

He’s a trained, genetically-engineered mercenary. She’s a spy on a quest to avenge her family. Falling for each other was never part of the plan.

Freelancing as a soldier for hire, Jake Hanson is ready to take down GovCorp, the ruthless corporation that created the mercenary that he is. But when he gets teamed up in the jungles of Africa with the fiery and determined Kendra Reed, Jake struggles with his mission. After all, he’s not programmed to feel—but he’s beginning to feel a hell of a lot for the feisty ex-soldier.

Kendra Reed works for GovCorp as a translator. But she has a hidden agenda. She’s after the truth—and she’ll stop at nothing to get it. Working with a genetically-engineered bad boy sparks intrigue in her. But the last thing Kendra needs is to be falling for someone like Jake.

As they face a deadly enemy, Jake and Kendra are forced to trust one another, while confronting the heated attraction that burns between them. With time running out and their adrenaline in overdrive, can they find a way to save themselves before it’s too late?

“A sexy, action-packed read you won’t be able to put down!” —KATIE REUS, New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author


Carolyn Reilly has been working for the German Federal Foreign Office (aka Department of State) for more than 20 years. A good part of that time she was assigned to German Embassies in civil war Lagos/ Nigeria and Khartoum/ Sudan, with the German Consulate General in New York and with German Embassies in Central Asian countries Kirgizstan and Kazakhstan. She still works part-time for the Foreign Office, but has meanwhile exchanged those restless and not exactly hazard-free postings abroad with a quieter life in the Bavarian countryside.


When she isn’t reading or writing, she enjoys spending time outdoors with her two Icelandic horses. She advocates animal welfare and a percentage of the proceeds of her books goes to Farmed Animal Sanctuary Hof Butenland in Northern Germany.


Check out Carolyn’s website for more info or to join Carolyn’s reader group and get a free e-novella.

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The Crossing by E.H. James

Unaware of the powers lurking within her, Caitlin opens a door between worlds, allowing a fallen angel to pass through the veil of darkness into the light.
Attaching himself to Caitlin, he feeds off her fear to build his strength, intending to kill her, in order to prevent the door through which he can be forced back into the darkness from opening.
Aware of Malfeil’s return, Ezriel, the angel who cast him down by divine order, must be the one to send him back into the darkness. He appears to Caitlin, calling upon her to ask her to help him. But between his visits—causing her to have missing time—and Malfeil doing whatever he can to frighten her, Caitlin begins to question her sanity.
Realizing what she must do, there’s just one problem. An emergency room doctor, with a penchant for house calls, believes her unstable and is seeking to have her institutionalized.
Now she must evade the doctor while seeking out Ezriel…and all before Malfeil kills her.

Warning: This story contains language that may be offensive to some readers.

Length: 1923 KB, 141 pages

Released: January 2, 2018



“Stop laughing. You’ll get us both killed.”
The car straddled the center line, and Nicole swerved into her own lane. “Relax will ya. Jeez, you’re worse than my grandma.”
“At least she <em>is</em> a grandma. I’m surprised she’s still alive, driving with you.” Caitlin shifted in her seat. “Let me drive.”
“I only had two glasses of wine, and that was hours ago.” Nicole grinned. “Why, you worried you won’t find someone to pay the other half of the rent?”
“Oh, I know I won’t have any trouble finding a new roommate.”
“Good luck renting that second room, what with you being such a slob.” Caitlin scowled and Nicole laughed. “Hey, what’s a best friend for, if not to put up with each other?”
A deer stepped into the road and Caitlin gasped. Pushing back, she braced her feet against the floorboard.
Nicole gripped the steering wheel. The deer didn’t move, and she slammed on the brakes—the tires screeching as they dragged over pavement. She turned, the car veering off the road and down an embankment.
Water rushed up over the hood and onto the windshield. The car bobbed up, but then its nose dipped. Water gushed in under the dash.
“Oh, Jeez. Oh, Jeez…oh, Jeez.”
Caitlin unbuckled her seatbelt. “Unfasten your belt.”
Nicole gaped at the black liquid, as it slid up the glass.
Caitlin pressed the button on the passenger door. The power window started to lower and then stopped. “Shit!” Reaching into the darkness at her feet, she flinched. A cold numbness ran up her arm.
“What are you doing?”
Caitlin ran her fingers along the floorboard. “I keep a hammer under the seat.”
“You what?”
“Get your seatbelt off!”
Nicole pressed her thumb on the release button. Her fingernail bent back and snapped. “I can’t. It’s jammed.”
“I was going to put a knife or pair of scissors in the car, in case this happened.” Caitlin’s fingertips brushed up against the hammer’s handle. Gripping it, she lifted it out.
“You expected this?”
“No, I prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Nicole, we don’t have time to talk.” Caitlin swung the hammer at the window. The glass shattered, and the water rushed in.
“What are you doing?”
“We have to get out.” Caitlin pushed against the gushing onslaught.
“Don’t leave me.”
“I’m not. How tight is your seatbelt? Can you loosen it?”
Nicole slid her hand under the belt. “It’s not tight, but it won’t loosen. There’s not enough slack for me to get out.”
“Do you have a compact in your purse? Something with a mirror in it?”
Nicole frowned. “Why?”
“We can use the glass to cut the belt.”
“Yes!” Nicole fumbled for her purse and retrieved the compact.
“Take this hammer, and break the mirror on the dash.” Caitlin climbed out the window. Her feet touched the lake bottom, and she stood next to the car. “It’s not deep. Nicole, it’s not deep, here.” Climbing on the roof, she scrambled to the driver’s side.
“It’s working.” Nicole smiled, her lips trembling.
Caitlin leaned close to the glass. “Hurry, Nicole.”
Nicole turned her face to Caitlin, tears streaming down her cheeks.
“I can’t get the door open, until there is equal pressure. And even if I could, that would let the water in faster.” She punched the door. “Nicole, break the window so I can help you.”
Nicole swung the hammer and smashed the driver’s side window.
Caitlin reached in and retrieved a piece of mirror from the compact. She cut the other side of the belt from where Nicole was cutting. “It’s coming, Nicole. This is going to work.” The car sunk, its roof submerging. She put the shard between her teeth and unlocked Nicole’s door. Placing her foot on the car, she gripped the door handle. She pulled, the door giving way.
Nicole clawed at her arms, tearing into her flesh and dragging her down. Caitlin clenched her jaw and reached in the blackness for Nicole’s belt. She positioned the piece of glass into the notch she’d already cut, the shard slicing her fingers. Lifting her head above the surface, she gasped. “Nicole, help me. Keep cutting.”
Again, Caitlin slipped beneath the surface. Drawing her hand along the belt, she once more located the notch she’d cut.
The belt was almost cut through. Nicole grabbed her, and the shard fell from Caitlin’s grasp. Once more, she raised her head out of the water. “Nicole, help me. Pull on the belt as hard as you can.”
Nicole’s grip tightened on her arm, and Caitlin filled her lungs. She dipped under and drew her face close to Nicole’s, intent on giving her air, but Nicole yanked her down.
Caitlin grasped the belt. Bracing her foot on the car, she pulled, but Nicole continued to hold her. She struggled free. Nicole gripped her hand. Her own body convulsed, as Nicole struggled. She closed her eyes. Nicole’s grasp relaxed within hers. A floating sensation came over her, as if she were drifting upward.
It lasted no more than a few seconds. Something hit her, washing over her like a wave of intense joy, as if every cell in her being had exploded in rapture. It enveloped her, flowing through her. It was an emotion. A physical sensation on a level never before experienced.
She was still holding Nicole’s hand, when she opened her eyes. The sensation lingered, the headlights oddly mesmerizing as they shone out into the murky depths.
“You all right? Are you hurt?” A man jumped in and swam to her. “Oh my God. Daren, there’s someone still in the car.” He dove in and popped up a moment later. “The seatbelt’s jammed. There’s a knife in my glove compartment.”
Daren ran up the bank and reappeared a moment later. He took off his coat and dropped it on the shore. Running into the lake, he worked his way to them, shining the flashlight in the direction of the car.
“Give me the knife. Hold the flashlight so I can see.” The first man disappeared beneath the surface. Returning a moment later, he had Nicole in his arms. “I’ve got this. You take her.”
Daren wrapped his arm around Caitlin’s waist and drew her to the shore.
She sat shivering, as the first man carried Nicole up onto the grass.
He laid Nicole on the ground, her eyes directed up at the full moon. Pressing his fingertips to Nicole’s neck, he then raised his head and shook it.
Daren tilted her head back. Pinching her nose, he blew into her mouth.
“What are you doing?”
“The water’s cold. It slows down the metabolism so it requires less oxygen. You’d be surprised how long people can last and be brought back. Now help me, Josh.”
Daren continued to provide air, while Josh performed compressions.
“Is everyone all right?” Three more people climbed down the embankment.
Josh glanced up. “Call nine-one-one.”
“What about her?” One of them pointed at Caitlin.
“Do you have a blanket in your car?”
A moment later, someone draped a blanket around Caitlin’s shoulders. “Thank you,” she whispered.
“Weren’t you just at the party?”
Caitlin tipped her head back, a heaviness coming over her. Squinting up at the voice, she collapsed.
“Are you all right?” someone asked.
She lay on the wet grass, as they worked on Nicole. Somewhere in the distance, a siren cut through the night.
Voices melded one into the other.
Nicole slowly turned her head toward Caitlin. Her lips moved, as if she were speaking.

About the Author

E. H. James has always been fascinated by the unexplained. Wanting to delve deeper into the unknown, James has read and researched in the areas of parapsychology and metaphysics, for the past 40 years.

Taking those first hand experiences, involving the unexplained, James has woven the real and imaginary together into stories of the strange and bizarre.

James’s stories range from the paranormal and horror, to fantasy and science fiction, from short stories and novellas, to 100K+ novels.

Bodyguard’s Secret Baby by Vivian Ward

Bodyguard’s Secret Baby Release Blitz

Title: Bodyguard’s Secret Baby

Author: Vivian Ward

Cover Designer: The Cover Collection

Release Date: 12/26/17

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I wasn’t ready to be a father but fate had other plans.

When I found out that Julie had a baby, I couldn’t understand why she would hide him from me until I laid eyes on him. One look was all it took to know that he was mine. He was my mirror image and those tiny fists of his pulled every damn heartstring in my body the instant he reached up for me. Guilt was written all over her face and now that I know he exists, we’ll be one happy family because nothing will stand in the way of me getting to know my boy.

Her secret will give both of us the second chance we’ve both been hoping for and I’ll make sure nothing separates us this time.

Author Bio – Vivian Ward

Vivian Ward is a romance author from St. Louis, Missouri. She pens dark and dirty stories about alpha heroes and strong heroines with emotional HEAs. Vivian is happily married to her real-life Prince Charming who is also her best friend. One of her guilty pleasures is reading and writing smut while indulging in chocolate caramel candies.

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First Package Causes Grief by Mary Abshire



First Package Causes Grief (Warren Antiques Vol. 1)


Her family’s secret can save lives, or end them.
 Life is peachy keen for Daisy Warren. Having dropped out of college, she decides to relax until her time comes to take over the family antique business. But when her eighty-nine-year-old great-grandmother, Lily, is kidnapped for a sacred artifact she took from the shop, Daisy learns the truth about the family profession. In a race against time, Daisy must find Lily and the priceless package while keeping the rest of the family in the dark about the relic and kidnapping. In less than twelve hours, Daisy’s life changes in ways she’d never imagined.



“Why do you have two phones and why do you need the numbers traced?”
I inhaled a deep breath as I considered my words carefully. “One of the phones is mine and the other is a cheap one my grandpa bought. I dug it out from the trash, but there’s a number he dialed and the person called him back. I’m trying to find out the location of the person who called him and someone who called me as well.” None of it was a lie. I’d explained the situation well without going into details or breaking any promises. Yay me.
“Why did your grandpa throw the phone the trash?”
I shrugged. “He does weird things sometimes.” Again, true statement. On occasion, he put tried to return the milk jug in the cabinet and put clean pots in the refrigerator. I could name plenty of other strange things he’d done, but why go there? We all did odd things from time to time.
Cade took the cheap cell from my hand. “Are you spying on him?”
“Me? No. I’m not a good spy.”
“Then why the interest?”
I stared into his dreamy eyes. “It’s complicated.”
“So am I.”
“Me three.”
He grinned and took the phones from my hands. “I can’t guarantee I can get locations, but I’ll try my best.”
“That’s fine.” Considering I had no other options, I accepted his terms. The man really was a genius, so I held hope he’d deliver what I needed.
“What number do you want me to trace on your phone?”
“One from about an hour ago. There’s another one like it from earlier, too.”
“Who was the caller?”
“I don’t know.”
His brows twitched. “You don’t know?”
Crap, now I was stuck having to answer. “It was a prank call.” Warmth began to rise to my cheeks.
Head lowered, he gazed at both cells. “How long were the calls?”
“I didn’t hang up right away. I’m not sure about Grandpa’s call.”
Cade met my gaze. “Does he know you took this?”
“So you are spying, in a way.”
I let out a loud sigh. “Can you do it, Cade?”
He gave me a crooked smile. “You came to the right person.”
I mentally cheered. “Can you have addresses ready for me in an hour or so?”
His grin faded. “Why the rush?”
I bit my lip while I tried to come up with a good excuse. “I’m expecting a call. An important one. Really important.”
He studied me. The heavy weight of his gaze led me to believe he suspected I was up to something fishy. Or maybe I was putting too much thought into the way he looked at me. I do that a lot—think too much, which is probably why I have an overactive imagination. In an effort to thwart his leery thoughts, I folded my arms over my chest and stared back with equal force.
“This important call… Would it be from the prank caller?”
“No, I mean, yes.” I shook my head and turned away from him. My skin started to itch, so I scratched my arm. If I had to provide any more details, he’d figure out soon I was lying.

Author Biography:
Mary is a romantic at heart and a lifetime lover of the paranormal, fantasy, and science fiction. She lives a quiet life in Indianapolis. When she’s not working or binge watching television, she enjoys creating fantastical worlds with vampires, demons, werewolves, angels, and other supernatural creatures. Her stories often include mystery and suspense. If you’re looking for an adventurous read, dive into her books.

Follow Mary Abshire:
Twitter: @maryabshire


Mary’s Books: 
Warren Antiques series:
First Package Causes Grief
Second Package Raises the Dead
Third Package Reveals Secrets
Divine Justice series:
Demon Hunter
Demon Tracker
Crisis Alert
The Soul Catcher series:
Claiming the Evil Dead
Catching an Evil Tail
Fighting Evil
Love Conquers All Evil
Freedom From the Evil Dead
The Evil Next Door
Heaven Sent series:
First Kill
Second Demon
Third Love
Fourth Fight
Fifth Regret
Sixth Surprise
Seventh Heaven
Project Eve series:
The Awakening
The Quest
Playful Demons series:
Demon in Disguise
Demons in Disguise
Sisters of Lonewood box set
7 erotic romance short stories

Last of the Wicked Romancers by Damien Darkseid


The only person responsible for this fast-approaching tragedy is me, myself, and I. Now I am forced to defend my manhood against a maniac clutching the smallest pieces of his broken heart in both hands. How will I ever explain to everyone I love, especially my wife Melina, that I was fighting over a woman that was not her no matter what the outcome is?




Meet the Author

Damian Darkseid is the Pseudonym name used by the author of ‘The Last of the Wicked Romancers’ and soon to be released, “Near Wife Status.’ The author lives in west central Florida with his lovely wife and two of his three acknowledged DNAs. His career path includes 20 years of military service in the United States Air Force followed by several years as a defense contractor and a federal government employee. He enjoys playing John Madden Football on the PS4 despite losing 12 consecutive years to self-proclaimed ‘John Madden Champion’ Al B. Currently he is developing several projects tailored around his humorous approach toward relationships and intimacy.  

Only You by Vivian Ward & Derek Masters

Only You Release Blitz

Title: Only You

Author: Vivian Ward & Derek Masters

Cover Designer: Cover Me Darling LLC

Release Date: 10/31/17

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We have a pact, we share everything, and now she’s about to tear it all apart.


Lucas and I are best friends. Some best friends share things, but we share everything–including women. It’s worked for so long that it’s completely normal for us, until we meet Penny. Her perfect body, her soft, supple curves and pouty lips are all I think about; all we think about.

Everything has always gone according to plan, but when she confesses her feelings for me, it completely changes everything that I thought was normal. I thought I could push it under the rug and pretend that she never said those things to me, but the more I see her with Lucas, the more jealous I become.

I don’t want what we have to end, but I can’t keep living a lie. Now I’m forced to choose between the pact that I made with my best friend or forget the woman who means everything to me. I can’t lose either one of them, but we all have to make choices.

This a complete, standalone dark romance novel that guarantees a happily ever after.

Free With Kindle Unlimited or own it for 99 pennies (limited time)!

Author Bio – Vivian Ward

Vivian Ward was born in Brooklyn, New York but now lives in St. Louis, Missouri. Growing up the daughter of a single mother, her life was a struggle from day to day. When things got hard, she retreated to her room where she would write about fantasy worlds that would take her away from her reality. Even as an adult, her passion for writing never went away and now she hopes to share it with the world.

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Author Bio – Derek Masters

Derek Masters grew up in Overland Park, Kansas and now lives in the immediate Kansas City, Missouri area.

When he’s not writing, you can typically find him working out in the gym, watching the game at one of his favorite sports bars, or hanging out at the park with his dog, Bully.

You can get a free novel written by him and join his newsletter by subscribing at

Connect With Derek Master

Website | Facebook | Goodreads | Twitter | Amazon | Fan Club

Witch Wars by T.A. Moorman


“Yes. No. Just stop!” I shouted in his face, barely able to think, to breathe. “Tonight is the beginning of my courtship with Bran. We have to stop.” Even though stopping was the last thing I wanted.

“You think Bran can make you feel like this?” he damn near growled as he grabbed the back of my head, gripping my hair and rubbing his face in the crook of my neck. He inhaled deeply, sending chills down my spine. “I can smell your lust, Tia, your desire for me. Me, not him.”

“It doesn’t matter,” I replied weakly.

“The hell it doesn’t matter. I am not giving up that easily, Tia. If this is the last chance I have with you, I am taking full advantage. I will make it so that every time you look at him, you will wish it was me.” He ground out each word slowly and precisely through clenched teeth. “Every time he beds you, it will be my face you’ll see, my hands you’ll long for, my name on the tip of your tongue.”

“Grimm, please…”

And then he was kissing me again, harder and faster than before. His tongue exploring every inch of my mouth. Our tongues twisting together in a wild, exotic dance. My body felt like it was on fire, and so did his. Then we were sliding down to the floor to our knees. He gently laid me on my back, never breaking our kiss, my legs opening seemingly of their own accord to accommodate his girth. Slowly, oh so slowly, he broke our lingering kiss. He was on top of me, hands on the floor like he was doing a push up, eyes as black as pitch; I could see my blazing eyes reflected in those dark pools.

Still balancing on one arm and looking into my eyes, he was sliding his other hand down my body, pulling off my pants. Very slowly, he slid his hand up the inside of my thighs, spreading them apart. His hand crept up my inner thigh until he found that spot that let him know just how hot and wet I was for him. Then he was nipping and licking his way down my neck while flicking his thumb over my clit, making my body shudder against his. When he found my breast and took as much of it into his mouth as he could, he drove two fingers inside me. Then he released my breast and kissed his way down to my navel, licking delicately down toward more sensitive regions, all the while his fingers caressing, rubbing, and probing. Suddenly, just when I thought I was about to explode with pleasure, his fingers were replaced by his tongue, going deeper than I would have thought possible, and he was drinking me like I was the finest wine.

Somewhere in all of that, he must have taken off his own pants, because suddenly he was once again hovering over me, and with our gazes locked he thrust every inch of himself inside me—and trust me, there were a lot of inches—leaving me gasping for air and wanting to beg for more.

“If you want me to stop, tell me now and I will,” he snarled, pulling out slowly until only the tip of him was left inside, making a small sound escape from my lips. “But if I am only allowed this one last time, allow me at least this much to keep with me. Allow me to have every piece of you, if only once more.” He gave another deep, powerful thrust, making me cry out. “Allow me to give you every inch of myself for just one final time. Allow me to feel every hot, sweet spot that is all you. Even if you do go on with this foolish plan, he will only have your body. Only I will forever own your heart.”

He kissed me again, then said, “I swear, you will regret leaving me.”



About the Author:

When you become a Mom, you begin to put yourself last, and your combat boots begin to collect dust. Going to your child’s PTA meetings in full Gothic, especially industrial, regalia is pretty much frowned upon. Especially by your own children, and your teens would die of a heart attack. But, one should not have to completely stop being themselves, uniqueness is greatness. So all of that darkness is put into words in her books, and designs in her jewelry sold in her GothicMoms DarkCharms shop.


Mother of five beautiful children, but by far more than just that. T. A. Moorman is an artist, a violinist, a seamstress, a crafter, a writer, a blogger, a reviewer, a dark confidant and a darkly dangerous, fiercely protective friend. And currently broke, so go buy something of hers. Lol.


Author Links:

Mack by Miranda Lynn

About the Audiobook

Author: Miranda Lynn

Narrator: Brian Callahan

Length: 4 hours 25 minutes

Publisher: Miranda Lynn⎮2017

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Series: Black Mountain Pack

Release date: Aug. 4, 2017


His missing sister or his mate?
Casey grew up in the foster care system and it wasn’t easy. A whirlwind of events after she ages out shows her why. Her repressed shifter side emerges with the help of her soon to be mate and his pack. She does her best to learn who and what she as while under the pressure of being hunted by her biological father and his pack.
Mack has been searching for his adopted sister for years after her kidnapping and thinks he has finally found her. His shifter side on the other hand thinks they have found their mate. Fate throws them together in the midst of an oncoming battle and Mack lets instinct take over and follows his heart. When the truth comes out the mating instinct takes over and together Mack and Casey change the rules of shifter laws once again.

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About the Author: Miranda Lynn

– Time Travel and Paranormal Romance author. Her Destiny series takes you on a roller coaster ride through time with sexy Highlanders and sassy female heroines. If shifters are your kryptonite then check out her Black Mountain Pack series which throws a twist on the traditional shifter lore.

Miranda is a mother to two teenage boys who are sure they know it all, a 75lb lapdog, a 15lb foot warmer, and a cat that most days plans her demise. She is thankful her husband doesn’t mind the extra voices in her head. Miranda is an only child who grew up on a dairy farm in Illinois which left her plenty of time to make up stories in her head for entertainment. She currently resides in Tennessee where she wonder if Mother Nature will ever stop with the hormonal mood swings. She fuels herself with coffee, chocolate, and wine.

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About the Narrator: Brian Callahan

Brian is a three-time Emmy winner and on-air news personality. His diverse audiobook catalogue features one of Kirkus Reviews’ “Best Indie Books” as well as an Independent Publisher Book Awards Finalist. Brian brings more than two decades of broadcasting experience to his voice work, which includes nearly 20 audiobooks available on Audible and iTunes. He lives with his wife and family in Seattle.



Audio Excerpt

Terri Luvs Characters #1- Rhea

So the first thing I have to ask you is with everything you have seen and all the lives you have lived, what has been your favorite time and/or event from the past?

Hello, Terri. First I am very pleased to meet you. Thank you for your interest in my story.

When you have seen the world quite literally evolve, it is difficult to select one time period over another. Remember I have witnessed eons passing and participated in countless cultures and civilizations. Personally, I prefer a simple life, less populated areas, in sumptuous and luxurious surroundings. The Egyptians lived quite pleasantly. However, I confess the world today is enriched by the immediacy of technology. Imagine how medicine has evolved since the Black Plague. I continue to be amazed by all technological toys. Who would have ever thought a self-driving car or flying one, might be possible and yet, they are both almost here.

Despite everything, I believe my time in Russia during Peter the Great is my favorite moments. I still have the malachite and diamond necklace he gave me.

You have mentioned before how much you enjoy the company of other extraordinaries liked you. Do you have a favorite extraordinary? 

How wonderful of you to use my favorite terminology. Sounds so much better than saying “supernatural,” does it not? I was very good friends with a Slyth, someone I loved when I was first born. I flew with her while I was still a phoenix and we remained companion friends until sometime during WWI. A bomb blast destroyed her when she was caught in the after effects. I miss her. Since then, I must say my friendshp with Drahomira makes vampires my new favorite.

Tell us a little about Dra, your BFF. Is she really as scary as she seems?

If I do not say ‘yes’she will kill me. (laugh) Let us say only that Drahomira is her own woman and if you are her friend, she is loyal to the death. She can be quirky and irreverent and I am still growing accustomed to her sense of humor. She does like to joke about death. Some people definitely find that scary.

With all the countries you have lived in, which is your favorite and what brings you to the US?

I am a devoted fan of Scotland. The lush, rugged landscape reminds me of Atlantis’ countryside. I miss the crags and bogs as well as the forests and cliffs. And the secret coves there are magical. That is where I met my first fairy, you know.

Can you tell us how you made Reaper, the wolfhound, immortal or is that one of those “once I tell you I have to kill you” kind of things?

Now a woman has to have some secrets. I think I will say simply that there are many extraordinaries who have owed me favors throughout the millennia. Once in a while, I seek one.

When you think about the future, what do you dream about?

Oh this is easy. My beloved mate, my one true love. Phoenix are mated once and there are no seconds. Our mates are not supposed to die without us. I dream of not being alone.

What is your favorite pastime?

I love to read and listen to music. Do you play the piano? I love listening to Rachmaninoff.

If I were to take you and any key historical person out to dinner, who would join us and why?

Again, you ask me about the multitudes of people amid countless civilians. Since I have mentioned Peter the Great will skip him. Let me see. I suppose I would enjoy a dinner with Empress Jinju of Japan (169 AD-269 AD). She was probably the most famous of the first female martial artists (onna-bugeisha) and quite proficient in weaponary. I learned much from her.

You have so many hot men in your life, like Viseral. Can you tell us more about him?

(laugh) Have I so many hot men in my life? Oh I think the Archangel might scowl at me for that thought. I hope you will come to know many of the people I cherish. Some of them are women, too.

I ask everyone this. You can only have five books on your bookshelf. What are they?

My dear, you ask me to chose from my library of the world. It is impossible. I will give you a few favorites. The first complete book must be a Dutch dictionary, the Woordenboek der Nederlandsche Taal. It was completed in 1998 after 134 years. It is only 40 volumes printed. Then I must add the Complete Works of Plato’s dialogues, the Taoism of Lao Tzu, The Compendium of Sherlock Holmes (I love his sleuthing) and The Great Book of Forgetting, of course.

Perhaps one day soon I will add one of your books to my library, yes? We’ll see Rhea 

Thank you for sitting down with me. I hope you will visit me again soon. How about sometime before Halloween?!



Rhea is a Scarlet Phoenix, the last of her kind. Born in Atlantis, she became a citizen of the world, a living legend to many civilizations. Long ago, sages prophecised that she and her mate were destined to bring a new future to the world.When her mate was murdered, Rhea abandoned her land, escaping the most dreadful cataclysm in Earth’s evolution.As she evolved with humans, her visage manifested as Isis, Kali, Freya, Vestra and so many other deities, and she fought alongside many warriors in the Dark, Middle and Medieval ages. She spends her life making the world a brighter place. Familiar with most of the supernatural creatures alive today, she works on building an understanding of them with mankind.



Learn more about Rhea and all her friends in the upcoming novel TIME AND BLOOD (October 31, 2017) written by Sherry Rentschler or check out the other novels in the Evening Bower Series/World, MIDNIGHT ASSASSIN- A TALE OF LUST AND REVENGE & THE GYPSY THORN.