Editing Services

An editor is perhaps the most important finishing touch to your book. Let me help you polish your book with the following services:


This is the final stage of the editing process. By this time, your book has been through several rounds of editing and beta reading. Proofreading looks for minor technical mistakes only. For this service, I offer one read-through.  .005/ word

Copy Editing-

This is a lot like proofreading except it happens earlier in the process before going to beta readers. This often involves a little more time because the piece is not as polished. This service is good to use after the author’s edits when the piece needs a more removed point of view. For this service, I offer two read-throughs. .01/word

Developmental Editing-

This is the most intense editing. For this, I look at continuity and plot development. Does the story flow? Does the story make sense? Typically, a lot of rewrites are involved. For this service, I offer three read-throughs.  .03/word

Flash Fiction Edit

Entering a contest? I will proofread a piece of flash fiction, up to 2,000 words for free.

So how does this work?

I edit fiction and non-fiction books except any using the APA style guide, technical manuals, or pieces involving a high-level of content knowledge. If you are interested, please email me at terriluvsbooks@gmail.com Share a synopsis with me and attach the first ten pages of your piece.  This enables us to determine the best way to proceed. If we decide to work together, a 1/3 deposit is required with payment in full upon completion. All word counts are based on my version of MS Word and all documents must be in MS Word.